Group Training Seminar 


Accelerate your knowledge of Perceptual Style and enhance the practical application of your natural strengths with our Group Training Seminars. 

We bring the power of Perceptual Style alive for you in our entertaining and educational group training seminars. 

Participation in group training will take your understanding of your natural strengths and the practical application of Perceptual Style concepts to new levels of effectiveness.  You'll gain awareness of and experience the differences between Perceptual Styles in the interaction between group participants.  You'll discover valuable insights, tips, and techniques about building on your own strengths while also learning to recognize and value the strengths of others.   

Each seminar takes you on a deep dive to fully explore your skills and how to apply them in critical areas of life, such as claiming your strengths, effective communication, navigating change, team dynamics, and transformational leadership.  

Traditionally we've presented our seminars in person. However, this year we've expanded our delivery to live webinars using Zoom. We will be releasing a recording library for self-study (the next best thing to attending a seminar).  

All of our seminars are conducted jointly by Gary and Lynda-Ross.  We strive to ensure every participant receives personal attention, so we limit group size and provide specific post-seminar support with email.  

Please scroll down to view summaries of our group training seminars.  Check out our calendar of events to see our public seminar schedule.  Or contact us to discuss a private seminar covering one or more topics for your organization. 



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Group Training Seminars

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Claim your strengths using the Perceptual Style Theory
Perceptual Style is the nature part of you and your life experiences are the nurture part
There's science behind learning how to say what you mean and being clearly understood
Learn the three reasons why change introduces stress in your life and how you can turn resistance into ownership!
Discover how people respond to three basic aspects of change and learn techniques to help yourself and the people you care about navigate through the upheaval
Learn the science about what attracts to each other and what pushes us away
You possess unique leadership strengths that are just waiting for you to put them to good use
As a leader you can’t fall into the trap of assuming communication is happening
The easy part is defining a change, the mastery happens when you can effectively lead people through the transition of change identification to change implementation
As a leader, more often than not, you don’t have the luxury of building your own team from scratch
Whether a conflict creates positive or negative results depends entirely on how you approach it as a leader
Virtual Leadership has some unique challenges relating to communication, motivation, accountability, and mentoring your team members from a distance