• Personal Relationships

Personal relationships can be the most challenging of all – but you already know that! From a special someone, life partner, or spouse, to parents, children, siblings, grandparents and extended family, these are the people who form the inner circle of our lives, the people we love.

We expect more from our personal relationships than friendships or work relationships because the emotional bonds are stronger and built on shared experiences that grow over time. These are the people we look to for love, understanding, trust, loyalty, respect, kindness, forgiveness, shared values, companionship, affection, attention, sympathy, encouragement, and acceptance. That’s a lot of pressure,  it's no wonder these relationships need extra attention and commitment!

One fascinating aspect of personal relationships many people overlook is related to Perceptual Style - it's very likely your loved ones won’t share the same Perceptual Style you do.

We are often romantically attracted to people who possess strengths and talents we admire and we don’t have. In fact, it is very, very rare to meet a couple who share the same Perceptual Style. 

Consider this – there’s a 98% chance your parents have different Perceptual Styles, a 60% chance you have a different Perceptual Style than either of them,  a 98% chance your spouse or partner will have a different Perceptual Style than you, and a 60% chance your children will have different Perceptual Styles than you. Whew – the probability math boggles the mind! Thank goodness there are only 6 Perceptual Styles to go around!

Bottom line, the majority of your personal relationships will be with people who see the world differently than you. This can make for a very rich and rewarding life filled with unexpected insights, exciting collaboration, and unique experiences. It’s also guaranteed to come with misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and challenges.

Our Relationship Connection Blueprint clears the path for greater understanding, communication, and connection while honoring each individual in the relationship.

The Relationship Connection Blueprint is designed for 2 or more people. It’s for you and your significant other, you and your children, you and your parents, or any other combination of you and your loved ones.

Each person receives the Perceptual Style Assessment, the Recognized Strength Profile, and their individual results. The couple or group receive a customized Relationship Connection Blueprint that highlights the opportunities and challenges based on the individual assessment results. It’s a treasure trove of details about:

  • The differences in the way you each see the world and the natural strengths you each bring to the relationship.

  • What attracts you to each other, what you admire.

  • How you each prefer to interact with others and what this means to your relationship with each other.

  • Your communication strengths and challenges with each other and tips on how to avoid disconnects.

  • How you each handle conflict and tips on what to do to help resolve it when it happens.

  • Imagine how much better your personal relationships can be when you truly

  • connect and understand one another.

The Relationship Connection Blueprint will guide you to the connection and understanding that transforms an OK relationship into one that is GREAT!

The Relationship Connection Blueprint is surprisingly affordable. Pricing starts at $75 for two people. That’s $75 for:

  • 2 Perceptual Style Assessments and Celebrate You results books

  • 2 Recognized Strengths Profiles and Live Your Talents results books

  • 1 Relationship Connection Blueprint based on your assessments results

You can include up to 4 additional people in your blueprint for $30 per person. 


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The Relationship Connection Blueprint is designed for you to effectively use on your own. However, you can gain even greater insight and value from your blueprint by working with one of our master Your Talent Advantage coaches to help you put your results to work right away. The Blueprint Guide Package includes a 30 minute context interview with you, enhanced blueprint tips specific to your situation, and a 45 minute blueprint review call—all for only $197.

  • Don’t settle for less than the best relationship you can have with the people

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