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Volume: 4

Communications that Works

  • Tap into your natural communication skills to create conversations and connection that really work

Communication – you might say we human beings are obsessed with it. After all, it’s the fundamental action that brings us together or pushes us apart.

We all want to be understood. So, we search for the right words and the right tone to convey our message. What we often fail to recognize is that each one of us has a built-in communication filter and because of that filter, what we mean isn’t always what others hear and vice versa.

At the core of your communication filter is your Perceptual Style. How you see the world and make it meaningful to you has everything thing to do with how you express yourself and how you listen

Volume 4: Communication That Works explores your unique communication strengths and the situations and circumstances where you really shine. It also provides insights into some of the communication challenges you experience because of your Perceptual Style along with tips and techniques you can use to mitigate communication disconnects.

"I work with corporate women who are struggling within the corporate environment.  The biggest problems they face are being visible to decision makers and understanding how they can become exceptional leaders." 

"The Perceptual Style assessment and Volume 2: Leadership Your Way create a strong supporting step for these women to identify what their natural leadership style is and then capitalize on it.  Through the training, they also learn how to work with individuals whose leadership styles are different from theirs.

"I am so impressed with the validity and comprehensiveness of the Your Talent Advantage Owner's Manual series, I’m part of a team collaborating with Lynda-Ross  on the integration of this tool into our curriculum.""


There’s a unique version of Volume 4: Communication That Works for each Perceptual Style because great communication starts with understanding what works best for you! Volume 3 will help you hone your communication skills around your natural strengths. You’ll discover:

  • Your verbal and listening communication strengths

  • Situations when your communication strengths really shine

  • Your communication blind spots – challenges you may have delivering your message and challenges you may have discerning what other people are trying to say

  • Specific techniques to mitigate and avoid communication disconnects while still being true to who you are!

  • ... and much more!

Here's an excerpt from Volume 4: 

Excerpt from Your Talent Advantage Owner's Manual Volume 2 - Be the Leader You Were Born to Be

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Volume 4: Communication That Works is yours today for only $12.95.  Packed with the information you need to be a great communicator – to make conversations and connections that really work.

Unless you live on a dessert island all alone, you need to add Volume 3 to your Owner’s Manual library today!

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George Bernard Shaw said “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place”.

You don’t need to waste one more moment wondering about the effectiveness of your communication – put your natural strengths to work for you!