What is Your Talent Advantage?


You were born with the capacity to excel at many, many skills. 

They are your natural strengths.

When you build on your natural strengths--that's Your Talent Advantage!

Let us show you how!!


Personal Empowerment      Lasting Relationships      Success in your Career



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You know in your heart you have natural ability and a capacity to excel. So why not build your life around your strengths?

All too often we dismiss our strengths, assuming if it's easy for us it must be easy for everyone. Or we spend all our energy trying to acquire skills that don't add a lot of joy to ourlives, but someone told us we need them.

It makes so much more sense to build your life around your strengths! The great news is there's now a scientifically proven shortcut to identifying your natural abilities! No more tedious trial and error!

The way you perceive the world around you , how you make meaning of that world, has a lot to do with the keys to your natural skills and gifts!

When you uncover the way you perceive - your Perceptual Style - you'll unlock a treasure trove of information about what you naturally do well. You'll discover what makes you different from the folks around you, and how to create connections that bridge understanding gaps. You'll learn how to apply your strngths to achieve your dreams.

We created Perceputal Style Theory over 30 years ago. Since then we helped thousands of people claim their strengths and build their careers and their lives around what they do best!

Our assessments, books, and programs will guide you to quick insights and practical tips you wont' find anywhere else!


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  • Once you understand your Perceptual Style there are so many practical applications in your life! Here are just a few:

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