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How to improve your possibilities of success and enjoy a happier life!

While the answer to this universal want is simple...put your strengths to work for you and manage your weaknesses....but do we really (really) have an inventory of them?...what's more, as human beings, how honest are we with our self assessment? 

This is where we (Vega Behavioral Consulting) come in.  Our Perceptual Style Assessment will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can apply the results as you work thru some of the situations identified to the left.

Your PSI Results package provides an introduction to your unique view of the world, but it is only that -- an introduction. There is so much more depth and practical application waiting.

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Perceptual Style is the way you take in information through your five senses and make that information meaningful to you. Your Perceptual Style acts as a filter between sensation and understanding. It is at the core of who you are, and it impacts your values, your beliefs, your feelings, and your psychology.

Your Perceptual Style is the foundation of all of your natural skills – the abilities you have the potential to truly excel at with grace and ease because of the way you see and experience the world around you.

No other assessment or self awareness book provides this level of detail and practical application:

  • The social surroundings, situations and environments you THRIVE in

  • Your Approach to Conflict and the core strengths you possess to deal with opposition, arguments and disputes

  • Your Perspective on Change and the unique skill set that allows you to initiate, recognize, and adapt to change

  • Your Learning Preferences and how to apply them to maximize your knowledge and skill growth

  • Your strengths and approach to the critical life skill of Persuasion (which is a lot more than just selling)

  • The Leadership strengths you possess to guide and inspire others

  • The unique approach, skills, and tactics you bring to the Management of the activities of others

  • The strengths and skills you bring to Team Participation

  • The Keys to Motivation that enthuse and inspire you to take action

  • Your Perceptual Experience and the core strengths that support that experience

  • How your Time Orientation  brings perspective to your actions

  • The specific attractions, strengths, and challenges you experience when Interacting with people whose Perceptual Style is the same or different from yours (this is where the real gold of understanding perceptual and strength differences comes to light) 

Our clients have found that just the Communications module "Communications That Works" has yielded information so valuable to them that they have been able to apply it to both their personal and business life allowing them to improve their happiness and career satisfaction