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Personal Empowerment      Exceptional Leadership       Effective Communication

  • Leadership is a core skill

  • that adds value to many aspects of your life.

  • You have the capacity to be an effective, even exceptional, leader. There’s not just one set of traits or behaviors that guarantee success. There is YOUR way to be a leader – building on your natural strengths.

  • Your Perceptual Style is the foundation of your leadership strengths. How you see the world and make it meaningful to you has everything thing to do with how you lead most effectively.

  • You use some of your natural leadership skills in your everyday life. In social situations when you decide where you and your friends will meet for dinner, in family situations when you organize a family outing or step in to help resolve conflicts, at work when you step up to initiate change or take responsibility for task completion.

  • Being the best leader you can be involves tapping into your natural leadership skills, knowing where you shine, knowing what will challenge you, and having ready tactics to mitigate those challenges.

  • Leadership is a combination of art and science. Perceptual Style and your natural skills are the science. The art lies in understanding and applying 3 key leadership concepts:

1. Great leaders build on their natural strengths and mitigate their blind spots.

2. Successful Leaders seek input from people with perspectives different from their own.

3. Trusted Leaders recognize and value the talents of others.

  • Boost your self-awareness and confidence.

  • Improve your relationships.

  • Take control of your career.


  • I was given an amazing gift with Perpetual Style, specifically in regard to the Career Planning Guide.

    This amazing tool came to me at a point in my career when I knew I needed a change but was tentative as how to take that leap. What Lynda-Ross and Gary have created is an amazing guided course that that teaches you about your innate strengths, identifies areas of your expertise ang potential you may not be aware of, and shows you how to highlight your strengths and use them to greater advantage. The course allows you to fine tune so much while also broadening how you look at your relationships with others and how your strengths can complement so many of your day to day interactions.

    It was truly an eye-opening experience, one that I would recommend to anyone, either just beginning a career or well into it. It is something I wish I had found many years ago! Thank you, Lynda-Ross and Gary.

    Jim Regan
    Phoenix, Arizona
  • I was in a job in a corporate environment singularly unsioted for me. When I got my results, I was relieved to be reminded of my talents and invigorated to find an environment where I could flourish.

    The level of detail and the depth of understanding from obtaining my Perceptual Style results are far better - and more immediatly useful - than other tests I have taken. The difference is quite simply, off the charts.

    Flo Clark
    Attorney. Denver, Colorado
  • "I clearly remember two "wow" moments in my experience with this program that happened the day our assessment results were delivered. All of the managers who had participated were gathered in a large meeting room. Our results were given to each of us and we werre then grouped around the room by our Perceptual Styles. I remember noticing the people in my group were the folks I got along with the best.

    When Gary started talking about our group, his descriptions were hitting far too close to home for me to ignore. When he said "You were the people who sat in classrooms throughout high school and thought you knew more than the teacher!", it was my "wow" moment. I had never shared that thought with another living soul but had believed that through most of school. It was like this guy was reading my mind. Suddenly, I decided I better not discount this program. You had my attention."

    Eric Donowho
    Chief Administrative Officer, Lending Industry
  • Claiming your natural strengths is as easy as



Take the Assessment

Easy, online access for your mobile or laptop. Simply rate the words presented on a scale of “most like you” to “least like you”. You can complete the assessment in one or multiple sessions—whatever is most convenient.


Explore Your Results

Within minutes after you complete the assessment your Celebrate You! guidebook will arrive in your email inbox with 45+ pages of details about your Perceptual Style and your core natural strengths in 12 key areas of your life.


Claim Your Strengths

The magic is the freedom and confidence you’ll feel when you take action from the core of who you are. Celebrate You! provides examples and exercises that will help you increase your awareness and use of your natural skills.



  • At Your Talent Advantage we know that you want to feel empowered to face life’s challenges. You want the confidence and the skills to create the life you dream of.

  • The problem is you don’t need a bunch of theory or one size fits all advice which leaves you feeling frustrated, confused, and misunderstood.

  • We believe life is too short not to be happy and confident. You deserve relationships that work, a job you enjoy, and the success you desire.

  • We understand there's no shortage of people or solutions that will point out what you are doing wrong. We've all been there. We don't think that's helpful. We're here to help you discover what you are doing that's right and make your natural strengths your foundation for moving forward. That's why we've dedicated over 35 years to helping thousands of people claim their strengths and move forward with confidence.

  1. Take our Perceptual Style assessment – it’s easy to access online.

  2. Explore your personal results presented in the Celebrate You guidebook. Within minutes you'll gain invaluable insights into how you perceive and make meaning in the world and why your Perceptual Style impacts everything you do.

  3. More forward confidently to claim your strengths and apply them in all aspects of your life using the easy and practical tips contained in Celebrate You.

  • Choose to claim your strengths now!

  • Stop doubting yourself and dealing with mediocre relationships and stifling jobs.

  • Move forward with confidence to create the life you deserve.

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Here is the best part - Celebrate You is yours today for only $19.95.

That’s right -- for the price of a few beverages at your local coffee shop you'll get a blueprint for unleashing your natural potential for success. (And honestly, isn't turning your life into the success you deserve worth $19.95 to you?)

You'll receive:

  • Our revolutionary Perceptual Style Assessment that reveals how you experience the world around you and how your interpretation of events and ideas directly influences your natural strengths and skills.

  • Your personal results filled with  descriptions and details about your specific natural skills and strengths - including quick practical application tips and exercises so you can put your results to work for you right away.  

Why wait another minute wandering through life without the information you need to live the life you deserve?

Order Celebrate You TODAY!

Still considering if this is too good to be true?

Perceptual Style is different than any other assessment of its kind because the results you get are practical, easy to apply, and steeped in real life. It’s not a lot of theoretical mumble jumble that leaves you entertained but wondering “so what”. The Perceptual Style assessment is based on Perceptual Style Theory, a revolutionary psychological theory with real world application.(you can read all about the theory here)

The Perceptual Style assessment has some of the best reliability and validity stats in the industry. It measures what we say it measures and it does so consistently. It’s not like peeling an onion or dependent on your mood. You’ll gain instant insights into how your perception is the foundation of how you make meaning and take action in the world.

Self-doubt is a success killer. Unfortunately our society dishes out doubt around every corner. School grades, employee reviews and even well meaning family members are quick to point out what we don’t do well and “need to improve”. We don’t get the same type of reinforcement of what we do naturally well. And so we tend to devalue our own natural strengths and doubt our own capabilities. The one thing we can guarantee is that Perceptual Style will open your eyes to a myriad of skills and strengths you have that you aren’t taking advantage of!!

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