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  • Be The Leader You Were Born To Be.

Your Perceptual Style (which you discovered in Volume 1: Celebrate You) is the foundation of your Leadership Strengths Profile. How you see the world and make it meaningful to you has everything to do with how you lead most effectively.

Everyone has the capacity to be an effective, even exceptional, leader. There's not just one set of traits or behaviors that guarantee success. There is YOUR way to be a leader - building on your natural strengths.

Successful leaders are the people who know how to use their leadership strengths and how to mitigate their leadership blind spots. That's the practical information waiting for you in this volume!

Be The Leader You Were Born To Be will help you to clearly identify your leadership talents and show you how to put them to use for exceptional leadership results.


  • Leadership is a combination of art and science

  • Perceptual Style and your natural skills are the science

  • The art lies in understanding and applying 3 key leadership concepts:



Great Leaders build on their natural strengths and mitigate their blind spots.


Successful Leaders seek input from people with perspectives different from their own.


Trusted Leaders recognize and value the talents of others and allow them to shine.


Communication That Works focuses on your communication strengths and shows you how to put them to work for effective communication every time. You'll learn:

  • ✔      Communication Theory basics.

  • ✔      Key aspects of your communication strengths and focus.

  • ✔      Your specific skills related to 3 fundamental categories of interaction.

  • ✔      Tips and techniques for recognizing and mitigating potential communication disconnects.

  • ✔      Opportunities and challenges you'll experience communicating wiht people of each Perceptual Style.

Communication That Works is one of the volumes in our Owner's Manual Series. There's a separate volume for each Perceptual Style.

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Inspire your followers to action.

     Create dynamic and successful teams.

                Turn Leadership challenges into Leadership Success!

Becoming the leader you were born to be is as easy as:

  1. Take the Perceptual Style Assessment and review your results in Celebrate You!

  2. Order your copy of Communication That Works that matches your Perceptual Style

  3. Follow the easy steps in Communication That Works to:

    • ✔      Ensure your message is understood by your audience,

    • ✔      Hone your listening skills to capture the meaning of what is being said, and

    • ✔      Mitigate disconnects and maximize your communicaton effectiveness!

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