A day like today....in Perceptual Style Land...

John said: "Let's go to the hardware store because I have to pick-up irrigation parts to repair Mr. Jones' sprinkler system

John meant: "I have to pick-up irrigation parts to repair Mr. Jones' sprinkler system, when you have a moment, why don't you come with me and keep me company while I figure out what I need"

Jane heard: "I have a list of irrigation parts, needed to repair Mr. Jones' sprinkler system, which I have to get from the hardware store" so Jane drops what she is doing and joins to trip to the store

Jim heard: "I need to go to the hardware store right now as I have a list of irrigation parts, needed to repair Mr. Jones' sprinkler system" so Jim drops what he is doing and joins to trip to the store.

Upon returning from the hardware store, John determines that not only do they not have all of the parts that are need to repair Mr. Jones' sprinkler system, they actually purchased some pieces that do not fit the job at hand so John decides they must return to the store...

....at which point...

  • Jane is upset with John because they wasted a trip to the store as he was not prepared.

  • Jim is unhappy with John not only because there was a wasted trip to the store but also because the chores that he was working on are now late.

  • John is upset at Jane and Jim because he is not sure why they are upset with him

Sounds familiar?

The reality is that none of these people are being jerks or contrarian, it is simply related to the way they perceive life and their place in the world:

John perceives his role as one where completion of the task at hand is very important, detailed planning is not paramount and if it takes multiple attempts, the important thing is to get the job done

Jane perceives her role as one that requires for her to have sufficient information at hand to successfully complete the task she is working on, therefore she does not understand John's perspective.

Jim perceives his role as one where everything is well structured and governed by procedures and priorities so he is not sure at the approach John and Jane are following.

If John, Jane and Jim had been aware of how differently or alike each of them sees their roles in life they would have the information at hand to ask the important questions that would have prevented this misunderstanding?

This is where Vega Behavioral Consulting can help.  Our assessments will allow people to understand how they, and others, see the world and when combined with our "Communication that Works" or "Your Owner's Manual" programs, you will have at your fingertips information so valuable that when applied to your business and/or personal life you will enhance your personal happiness and career satisfaction.

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  • Once you understand your Perceptual Style there are so many practical applications in your life! Here are just a few:

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  • Change is constant. And it’s all around us. It’s part of being human.

  • One fascinating fact about change is that it’s neutral—it doesn’t actually have positive or negative meaning. It’s our perception of change and the meaning we assign it that makes it good or bad, stressful or easy.

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  • Don't be fooled by well-meaning sales training courses that provide "guaranteed effective" methodologies or scripts, as long as you follow them exactly.

  • The trouble with these approaches is that they may work well for the people who created them, but that doesn't mean they will work well for you or tap into your natural strengths. Truth is that this type of classic sales training only reflects the strengths of one Perceptual Style!

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