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Success Maps

Success in life is a process that starts on the inside. The more you know about yourself and how to apply that knowledge in your daily life, the more happiness and success you experience. It's as simple as that.

The Your Talent Advantage Success Road Maps were developed just for YOU. They are a combination of laser focused coaching and a truly unique assessment. In fact, the Recognized Strengths Profile assessment that is the foundation for the Success Road Maps is the only one of it's kind anywhere! 

The RSP (as we call it for short) builds on your Perceptual Style Assessment results and identifies point-in-time the natural skills you are actually using and those that are just waiting for you to tap into (EVERYONE has strengths they are overlooking or taking for granted). The RSP also shows you where you may be overly focused on acquiring skills that wear you out.

Each program in the Success Road Maps series provides you with the tools you need to create success in your life with special focus on specific areas such as your career or business, your team, your partnership relationships, and your family.  Use one Success Road Map or several - focus on what is most important to you!




Live Your Talents  -  This program is focused on helping you access ALL of your natural strengths, not just the ones you are currently aware of.  It includes the Recognized Strengths Profile assessment and a 45 minute coaching session with a master Your Talent Advantage coach. The session is focused on your assessment results and how you can put them into action immediately to fully live your talents every day. If you are searching for the answers to questions such as "How can I learn more about my natural skills?", "Where do I fit?", "How can I get better work/life balance", "Why am I so exhausted at the end of the day?", or "I need to make a change, but what will be the right change?" then this is the program for you!... Buy Now

Career Planning Guide - Gone are the days of starting your career right out of school or college and staying with the same company until you retire.  Over 75% of people will have more than 3 jobs during their career.  Over 50% will have 4 or more! Planning your career  - knowing what criteria make a job an excellent fit for you and what to stay away from - is critical in today's job market.   With the Career Planning Guide you receive the Recognized Strengths Profile, two on-on-one coaching sessions with a Your Talent Advantage Master Coach, and a customized Career Success Quick Reference Guide for you to use when you are considering  new jobs or advancement... Buy Now

Interactive Communications - Family relationships are probably the most complex relationships in our lives.  Being a pare

Family Dynamics Success Map - Family relationships are probably the most complex relationships in our lives.  Being a parent isn't easy, neither is being a child, or a sibling for that matter.  One key to unraveling some of the complexity of the family roles we all experience is Perceptual Style.  The reality is that families are made up of individuals with different Perceptual Styles and those differences create challenges. Rather than placing blame, looking for who is right and who is wrong, or offering simplistic techniques, the Family Dynamics Success Map offers a way to understand the real differences between how family members see and experience the world around them. This understanding provides the basis to improve family communications, mitigate family conflict, and appreciate the unique gifts and perspectives that each family member has to offer. You'll receive Perceptual Style and Recognized Strengths assessments for each family member, family and individual results sessions with Master Your Talent Advantage Coach, and a detailed analysis of the dynamics of the family based on Perceptual Style including the opportunities, challenges, and potential conflicts along with strategies and techniques to maximize your family's happiness and success... Buy Now