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....Do you perceive the world like ... Frank?...
"Frank’s Perceptual Style is Activity   ...…. He perceives the world as a dynamic and exciting experience that is enriched by a personal network of family, friends, and acquaintances."
....or perhaps....
.... more like ... Susan?...
"Susan’s Perceptual Style is Adjustments   ...…. She sees the world as a complex interconnection of objective processes, information, and people. She is a keen and thoughtful observer of the world."
....or perhaps....
.... more like ... Bill?...
"Bill’s Perceptual Style is Flow   ...…. He sees a richly textured world where the pieces fit together and support as well as depend on each other. He is an instinctive advocate for the natural rhythms of life."
....or perhaps....
.... more like ... Karen?...
"Karen’s Perceptual Style is Goals   ...…. She sees a world in which possibilities combine with facts to create objectives to achieve and opportunities to seize."
....or perhaps....
.... more like ... Mike?...
"Mike’s Perceptual Style is Methods   ...…. He perceives a world that is sensible, logical, and factual and his approach is rational and matter-of-fact. Things are what they are."
....or perhaps....
.... more like ... Gayle?...
"Gayle’s Perceptual Style is Vision   ...…. She perceives the world as a place of infinite possibilities, full of options and opportunities all of which build toward her vision of the future."
"As you can see from our examples, everyone experiences many different attitudes and approaches towards life."
"It is important to note that Perceptual Style is gender neutral – there are just as many Frankies as there are Franks, just as many Bobbies as Bobs, etc."


"People literally perceive the world differently, and this differing perception leads to different conclusions about what is important, how things should be done, and what is the “truth” of any situation."
"It really is the reason behind many disconnects between you and the people in your life. "


"The good news is that when you understand your own Perceptual Style and how that differs from the others, you have the tools to minimize disconnects and maximize understanding and being understood..... and who doesn’t want that?"
.... more importantly this is where the PSA RSA and LSP can help....


Perceptual Style Theory Certification for Coaches

Explore the many ways that the Perceptual Style Theory Certification for Coaches can help your practice growAre you one of the select coaches who wants to master the theory that is the foundation for  the Your Talent Advantage assessments, Owner's Manual Series, and Road Maps?  Are you fascinated with  the psychology behind the theory?  Do you want to harness the full power of Perceptual Style Theory for your own programs?  Then this Certification program is for you.

Learn the fascinating history of Perceptual Style Theory (PST), the science behind the assessments and proven behavioral development techniques.   Understand the details of how PST differs from other popular personality style tools.  Explore the many ways PST can be used in your coaching practice - from personal development to team building,  career planning to retirement planning,  conflict resolution to partnership selection, and more.  

The Perceptual Style Theory Certification for Coaches program is offered twice each year to coaches who have previously completed the Perceptual Styles Training for Coaches. The PST certification program extends over ten weeks, contains both group and private sessions, and is limited to 6 participants.  

There are eight group sessions and two private sessions during the ten weeks of the program.  The group sessions are highly interactive to maximize information exchange and practical application knowledge.  Each session is 90 minutes in length and conducted live using GoToMeeting:

  • Session 1 is focused on the history of Perceptual Style theory, the science that makes it real, and the research that proves reliability and validity of the assessments.
  • Session 2 is focused on maximizing your client's Recognized Strengths Profile results including techniques for interpreting the rich details contained in the coach's version of the assessment results.
  • Session 3 is a practice session on interpreting assessment results. 
  • Session 4 is all about the four critical components for skill and behavior development and how to apply them. 
  • Session 5 is focused on a step-by-step process to create development plans that really work.
  • Session 6 is a practice session on creating development plans.
  • Session 7 is focused on exploring the many uses of Perceptual Style Theory from group programs to individual development to family dynamics. 
  • Sessions 8 and 9 are content mastery sessions for each participant. 
  • Session 10 is a program recap and open Q&A session.
Each program participant receives two private 45 minute sessions with Lynda-Ross and Gary. These sessions can be used to discuss questions, practical application specific to the participant, or to brain storm product or program ideas for the participants' coaching practice. 

Weeks 8 and 9 of the program are set aside for content mastery exercises.  Each coach will be assigned two "clients" with complete sets of assessment results and background information.  The coach is expected to prepare a coaching approach and summary development plan for each "client" and present those for discussion with Lynda-Ross and Gary.

  Allison Rapp explains how she has used the Perceptual Styles Assessments to grow her coaching practice

"Before I started using Perceptual Style assessments with my coaching clients, it took too long to figure out why certain things I recommended just didn't work for them. Sometimes, it was like pulling hen's teeth, because I just couldn't even get them to try things I knew would make a huge difference. Now that my clients start with the assessments, I have the information I need to tailor my recommendations so that they'll not only be accepted, but extremely effective! 

The PSA and RSP are so accurate that my clients think I've read their minds! They're really grateful to know that I'm not going to waste their time with suggestions that won't work 'for them' and I feel more confident, knowing that what I suggest is right for them. If you need faster results with your clients, I suggest that you find out more about Perceptual Styles Coaching. It gives you the information and tools to make your coaching brilliance obvious to your clients from the get-go!"

Allison Rapp

At the completion of the PST Certification program each coach will receive:
  • 40% discount on the purchase of PSA and RSP assessments for use with your clients
  • 20% discount on all YTA training programs for your personal use
  • Membership in our YTA Coaching Circle - these are the coaches we recommend on our website and the ones we refer clients to 
  • Certification document and logo as a Perceptual Style Certified Coach
The certification program investment is $2495.  

Participation in the certification program is by invitation only.  If you are interested in becoming a Perceptual Style Certified Coach, please contact us and we will schedule an interview to see if this program is right for you.