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....Do you perceive the world like ... Frank?...
"Frank’s Perceptual Style is Activity   ...…. He perceives the world as a dynamic and exciting experience that is enriched by a personal network of family, friends, and acquaintances."
....or perhaps....
.... more like ... Susan?...
"Susan’s Perceptual Style is Adjustments   ...…. She sees the world as a complex interconnection of objective processes, information, and people. She is a keen and thoughtful observer of the world."
....or perhaps....
.... more like ... Bill?...
"Bill’s Perceptual Style is Flow   ...…. He sees a richly textured world where the pieces fit together and support as well as depend on each other. He is an instinctive advocate for the natural rhythms of life."
....or perhaps....
.... more like ... Karen?...
"Karen’s Perceptual Style is Goals   ...…. She sees a world in which possibilities combine with facts to create objectives to achieve and opportunities to seize."
....or perhaps....
.... more like ... Mike?...
"Mike’s Perceptual Style is Methods   ...…. He perceives a world that is sensible, logical, and factual and his approach is rational and matter-of-fact. Things are what they are."
....or perhaps....
.... more like ... Gayle?...
"Gayle’s Perceptual Style is Vision   ...…. She perceives the world as a place of infinite possibilities, full of options and opportunities all of which build toward her vision of the future."
"As you can see from our examples, everyone experiences many different attitudes and approaches towards life."
"It is important to note that Perceptual Style is gender neutral – there are just as many Frankies as there are Franks, just as many Bobbies as Bobs, etc."


"People literally perceive the world differently, and this differing perception leads to different conclusions about what is important, how things should be done, and what is the “truth” of any situation."
"It really is the reason behind many disconnects between you and the people in your life. "


"The good news is that when you understand your own Perceptual Style and how that differs from the others, you have the tools to minimize disconnects and maximize understanding and being understood..... and who doesn’t want that?"
.... more importantly this is where the PSA RSA and LSP can help....


Be The Leader You Were Born To Be - Methods

Discover and develop your skills to unleash your true leadership genius.  

Volume 2: Be The Leader You Were Meant To Be  builds on the results of the Perceptual Style Assessment in Volume 1: Celebrate You and focuses on how to put your unique skills and abilities to work as a leader.  You'll learn how to:

  • Identify EXACT situations that set you up to shine as a leader
  • Avoid the “different hats for different situations” syndrome
  • Put your natural leadership strengths to work for you
  • Identify EXACT situations that will set you up for failure
  • Mitigate your greatest challenges as a leader (these are different for everyone, and we guarantee they’re NOT what you think they are)
  • Maximize the scenarios where you SHINE, and minimize scenarios where you STUMBLE
  • Become the leader you’ve always known you could be! 

No other leadership books provide this level of detail and practical application:

  • Your Methods Leadership Profile  - the natural leadership skills you possess because of your Activity Perceptual Style
  • Where your Methods Leadership style SHINES - specific scenarios and leadership activities that capitalize on your natural strengths 
  • Where your Methods Leadership style STUMBLES
  • Specific techniques to mitigate and avoid stumbles while still being true to who you are!
  • How your Methods Leadership style compares to the other Your Talent Advantage Leadership styles
  • What you can borrow from the other Leadership styles to achieve desired outcomes in a manner that is totally true to your natural strengths
  • . . . and much more!

Here's an example of the results you receive from Volume 2:


(Click on book to enlarge image)


Volume 2: Be The Leader You Were Meant To Be - Methods is yours for only $24.95 Packed with the information you need to be the leader you were born to be - you can't afford NOT to add Volume 2 to Your Talent Advantage Owner's Manual  library today.  Available May 30, 2013.


If you've ever dreamed of building the kind of business that changes lives - your's, your family members, and the  lives of your clients - in a BIG way, consider this: your legacy as an entrepreneur or business manager will largely boil down to your legacy as a leader.  If you are ready to become that leader,

NOW is the time to act!