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Owner's Manual Series

You were born with specific gifts and talents that are just waiting for you to discover and develop.  But how can you determine what your natural talents are?  After all it's not like you were born with a certificate listing all of them!

We've got the answer! Our state of the art assessment and Owner's Manual Series will help you take control and purposely tap into your potential! It's time to fully enjoy the power and satisfaction of using your natural strengths in all aspects of your life!



No more guessing, you can take direct action based on what you do best with the Your Talent Advantage Owner's Manual Series. Based on a powerful, one-of-a-kind, scientifically accurate assessment, the Owner's Manual Series provides you with the information you need to recognize and fully claim your unique strengths and talents!

Start with Volume 1: Celebrate You. With this volume you will clearly identify how you see the world and discover your core natural strengths.

Why is understanding how you see the world important?  Because it impacts your values, your beliefs, your feelings, and your psychology. It's the filter between sensation and understanding, how you take in information and make it meaningful to's your Perceptual Style. Your Perceptual Style is the foundation of your natural strengths! 

The concept of recognizing and purposefully using your natural strengths is completely foreign to most people. That's because from school progress reports to employee evaluations, and from self-help books to coaching, most formal feedback systems briefly acknowledge aspects of what you do well and then focus on what you need to improve.  There's way too much focus on identifying your weaknesses and then telling you to fix them. 

No wonder your natural gifts and strengths often get put on the back burner while you struggle to master what you believe are your shortcomings!  It's so easy to fall into the trap of trying to be good at everything. The reality is that by focusing on your shortcomings you spread yourself too thin and your natural strengths take a back seat.

Leave the "fix your shortcomings" mindset behind!  It's time to focus on what you do really well. Build your personal and professional life on your strengths - it's the only way to achieve the success you deserve!

The keys to understanding your Perceptual Style, valuing your unique gifts and talents, building your life on the foundation of your natural strengths, and discerning the "why" when someone sees things differently than you do are in the Owner's Manual series.

The Owner's Manual series isn't a one-size-fits-all text book.  It's practical reference guides specifically tailored to who you are, as revealed by our scientifically researched assessment. Our assessment, based on a proven and unique psychological theory, instantly reveals how the way you see and interpret events and ideas directly influences your actions. The Owner's Manual series teaches you how to unleash your deepest potentials for success in all aspects of your life.  You wouldn't purchase a major appliance, a new car, or a new smart phone without an owner's manual so why try to navigate your life without one?

The complete Owner's Manual series consists of 5 volumes.  Volume 1 is the foundation, and then you can add other volumes when you need them (each of them are based on the assessment you receive with Volume 1).

Volume 1: Celebrate You - This volume explains all about what natural strengths are, how perception determines your unique gifts and strengths, and how perception differs between people. It contains the Perceptual Style Assessment and  your personal results.  It's packed with information about how you experience the world, what your core natural strengths are, and how those strengths apply in 12 key areas of your life... Buy Now

Volume 2: Be the Leader You Were Born To Be - If you want to maximize your effectiveness as a leader, then you need this volume!  Leadership is not a formula, or a specific style. Successful leaders are the people who know and use their leadership strengths while mitigating their leadership blind spots. You possess natural leadership abilities and this volume will help you to clearly identify your leadership talents and put them to use... Buy Now

Volume 3: Communications that Work - You have a natural (and most comfortable) way of communicating because of your Perceptual Style. This volume focuses on your core communications strengths and provides you with practical tips on how to ensure your communications maximize understanding and minimize disconnects. You will learn the keys to really hearing others and you'll discover techniques to deliver your thoughts, your opinions, and your messages in order to maximize comprehension.  Effective communication is critical to every part of your life - your relationships with family, success at work, and friendships that last. Unless you live alone on a desert island, you need Communication That Works!... Buy Now

Volume 4: Sales Your Way - Don't be fooled by well-meaning sales training courses that provide "guaranteed effective" methodologies or scripts, as long as you follow them exactly. The trouble with these approaches is that they may work well for the people who created them, but that doesn't mean they will work well for you or tap into your natural strengths.  Everyone has the capacity to be very effective at sales, the key is to do it your way, based on your natural sales strengths and the techniques that maximize those strengths. If persuading and selling are part of your work life, you'll want this volume! Learn the techniques that capitalize on your natural persuasion skills. Sell with comfort and ease, your way! Coming Soon

Volume 5:  Change Made Easy - Change is all around us. But it doesn't have to be puzzling or painful. People react differently to change; the key is knowing what those differences are and how to bring your natural strengths and skills to the table when initiating and implementing change.  Packed with tips and techniques that capitalize on who you are, Change Made Easy will empower you to take the pain and uncertainty out of change for yourself and for others. Coming Soon

Life is too short not to enjoy it fully and achieve the success you deserve.