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....Do you perceive the world like ... Frank?...
"Frank’s Perceptual Style is Activity   ...…. He perceives the world as a dynamic and exciting experience that is enriched by a personal network of family, friends, and acquaintances."
....or perhaps....
.... more like ... Susan?...
"Susan’s Perceptual Style is Adjustments   ...…. She sees the world as a complex interconnection of objective processes, information, and people. She is a keen and thoughtful observer of the world."
....or perhaps....
.... more like ... Bill?...
"Bill’s Perceptual Style is Flow   ...…. He sees a richly textured world where the pieces fit together and support as well as depend on each other. He is an instinctive advocate for the natural rhythms of life."
....or perhaps....
.... more like ... Karen?...
"Karen’s Perceptual Style is Goals   ...…. She sees a world in which possibilities combine with facts to create objectives to achieve and opportunities to seize."
....or perhaps....
.... more like ... Mike?...
"Mike’s Perceptual Style is Methods   ...…. He perceives a world that is sensible, logical, and factual and his approach is rational and matter-of-fact. Things are what they are."
....or perhaps....
.... more like ... Gayle?...
"Gayle’s Perceptual Style is Vision   ...…. She perceives the world as a place of infinite possibilities, full of options and opportunities all of which build toward her vision of the future."
"As you can see from our examples, everyone experiences many different attitudes and approaches towards life."
"It is important to note that Perceptual Style is gender neutral – there are just as many Frankies as there are Franks, just as many Bobbies as Bobs, etc."


"People literally perceive the world differently, and this differing perception leads to different conclusions about what is important, how things should be done, and what is the “truth” of any situation."
"It really is the reason behind many disconnects between you and the people in your life. "


"The good news is that when you understand your own Perceptual Style and how that differs from the others, you have the tools to minimize disconnects and maximize understanding and being understood..... and who doesn’t want that?"
.... more importantly this is where the PSA RSA and LSP can help....



Perceptual Styles Training for Coaches


Perceptual Style Training for Coaches helps coaches understand how to make themselves understood by their clients Perceptual Styles Training for Coaches is the result of 30 years of practical, real life experience in individual and group coaching. It’s more than an accurate framework for psychological assessment—it’s a complete coaching tool set based around your client's unique strengths and your strengths as a coach.


Perceptual Styles Training for Coaches is grounded in the real world of both psychology and coaching. It’s a powerful tool for your practice and your own personal growth.   You'll discover:

  • The secret to immediately using language that speaks to your clients
  • How to let you natural talents shine through in creating client connections
  • How to overcome connection challenges that lead to miscommunication and frustration
  • How to identify language and communication patterns associated with the 6 innate Perceptual Styles
  • How to use the Recognized Strengths Profile to help your clients build on their strengths and uncover untapped potential

Here’s where you’ll learn all about the ways that different Perceptual Styles play off each other, what motivates them, and where they naturally fit in the world. These are the kind of deep insights—delivered in a clear, practical format—that will allow you to speak your client’s language and, just as importantly, understand what they really saying. 


Learn the secrets of how to make yourself understood in terms that are compelling to your clients regardless of how different they may be from you.  You’ll make the connection between your own natural communication strengths and those of your clients in order to connect deeply and profoundly, every time.  


Perceptual Style Training for Coaches is an eight week program offered approximately once each calendar quarter.  Contact us regarding your interest! 


You'll receive:

  • Session 1: A 60 Minute Teleclass overview of the key concepts of Perceptual Style and Recognized Strengths with an introduction to each of the six Perceptual Style.
  • Sessions 2 through 7:  60 Minute Teleclasses (one for each Perceptual Style) focused in greater detail on the interactive strengths, weaknesses, and problem issues of each Perceptual Style  
  • Session 8: Week Six: A 90 Minute Live Q & A call with practical tips
  • Recordings of all sessions
  • Copies of all presentation materials
  • Opportunities and Challenges: A Coach's Guide to Working With All Six Perceptual Styles written from the viewpoint of YOUR Perceptual Style (This is the key to connecting with your clients, no matter how they see the world!)
  • Access to a private forum to interact directly with Lynda-Ross and Gary
  • A complimentary set of Perceptual Style and Recognized Strengths Profile assessments for one of your clients including a 30 minute consultation about that client's results
  • 25% discount on the purchase of Perceptual Style and Recognized Strengths Profile assessments for use with future clients
  • 15% discount on all Your Talent Advantage products and services for your own use

…all for just $897.  (Payment plan options available.  Please contact us)


Perceptual Styles Training for Coaches was specifically designed to help you:

                  1) identify and claim your unique coaching style,

                  2) identify your clients’ unique talents (and hidden potentials),

                  3) communicate with and motivate your clients on the deepest level,

                  4) create action plans that set your clients up for breakthrough results, and

                  5) generate more referrals for you as a coach.


Here's a sample from Opportunities and Challenges: A Coach's Guide to Working With All Six Perceptual Styles:


sample from Opportunities and Challenges: A Coach's Guide to Working With All Six Perceptual Styles


(Click on picture above to enlarge image)


Your result with the Perceptual Styles Training program is a coaching practice that makes more money in less time with more fulfillment for everyone involved. You'll have the kind of insight and techniques most coaches only stumble upon after years of trial and error. Just think of how much time and money you are wasting flying blind week in and week out, relying only on intuition when you could be taking action based on solid, proven behavioral psychology. ($897 is a bargain when you look at what this can do for you, isn't it?)


Research has shown that coaches who use assessments backed by psychological theory command higher rates. Why? The answer is simple:  because they get results faster.   Our assessments are the single most effective way to establish a “baseline of truth” about your clients, and to create a level of trust that would normally take years.  


Deliver breakthrough results for every client, every time, (and build a reputation that will speak for itself). 


Contact us regarding your interest!  Live sessions are held each Tuesday for eight weeks, from 12:00 (noon) to 1:00 p.m. CENTRAL Time (that's 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. EASTERN and 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. PACIFIC). Recordings for each session will be posted by 6:00 p.m. on day of the live session so you'll have quick access for review or in case you can't make the session in person. 


The Perceptual Style Training for Coaches program provides you with:

  • 8.5 hours of training with Lynda-Ross and Gary (private coaching clients pay $385 per hour to work with them)
  • Your personal Opportunities and Challenges: A Coach's Guide to Working With All Six Perceptual Styles (this invaluable resource is only available to participants in this progam)
  • recordings of all sessions (a $1,600 value)
  • access to a private Facebook group to interact directly with Lynda-Ross and Gary as well as other class participants (priceless)
  • all for your investment of $897!   (Take advantage of this incredible program now - pricing is sure to increase in the future).

Don't delay, sign up for the next session of Perceptual Style Training for Coaches TODAY!  


Order NOW!!   


Still considering? If so, then consider this:  


We do offer payment plans. If you are interested please contact us


Right now, as a coach, you have the power to change someone’s life—and change your own in the process. 

The way you communicate with your clients is the heart of the coaching relationship, which is why Perceptual Styles Training for Coaches is such a critical investment in the future of your practice.