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About Our Company


Picture of our founding partner Lynda-Ross Vega

Lynda-Ross Vega is the leading expert on unleashing natural skills, talents and abilities to create unprecedented success. Driven by a passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed in business and in life, her work brings together cutting-edge psychology and real world business smarts.

She began researching and applying styles theory tools early in her career, and her passion for identifying and focusing natural talents on the right task led her to collaborate with Dr. Gary Jordan beginning in 1983. Together, they developed Perceptual Style® Theory, a revolutionary psychological assessment system that teaches people how to unleash their deepest potentials for success.

Lynda-Ross works with companies across the globe and has lightning fast insights into what makes people tick, what holds them back, and how to tap into their natural strengths. With 20 years of Fortune 500 senior management experience and 16 years of experience as a business owner/entrepreneur and coach, she is an expert on unleashing human potential and putting it to work in business.

Lynda-Ross is a founding partner of Vega Behavioral Consulting, a research and human development company, and creator of the Your Talent Advantage™ brand.  She and her husband, Ricardo, also own a boutique technology company.  They live in Texas where they enjoy playing (co-ed indoor leagues) and watching soccer in addition to family time with their adult children and grandchildren. With a first name like Lynda-Ross you’d think she hailed from the south, but in truth Lynda-Ross migrated from Washington State to Texas in 1983. Lynda-Ross is an avid reader and enjoys travel and the fun of exploring interesting and well prepared food (hence the need the play soccer). 

Picture of our founding partner Gary Jordan Ph.D.

Gary M. Jordan, Ph.D. is a premier authority on behavioral theories and assessment construction. He has over 32 years of experience in clinical psychology, behavioral assessment, individual development, and coaching.

Gary earned his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology – Berkeley, and spent 18 years in private practice where he specialized in helping angry adolescents, couples in conflict, and individuals searching for more meaning and satisfaction in life.  Always fascinated by theories about types and styles, Gary found none of the theories that he studied integrated internal experience with observable behavior.  

Beginning with his doctoral dissertation and continuing through his years in private practice he worked to create a practical, usable styles theory.  In 1983 he joined forces with Lynda-Ross Vega and together they created Perceptual Style® Theory, a revolutionary psychological assessment system that teaches people how to unleash their deepest potentials for success.  

Gary is a founding partner, along with Lynda-Ross Vega, of Vega Behavioral Consulting, a research and human development firm, and the Your Talent Advantage™ brand.  Gary believes that when coaches and entrepreneurs hone their natural skills and abilities in their businesses, they exponentially increase both their day-to-day happiness and their potentials for success. He specializes in helping professionals discover and develop what is most exceptional about them, and is known for creating exceptional results.

Outside of his professional career, Gary enjoys spending time with family, as well as the mind/body discipline of martial arts and yoga. He’s also an avid reader and a film buff and a dedicated hockey fan.  A native Texan, Gary and his wife Sarah, an artist and author, are building (not just supervising, but doing all the work themselves) a second home in the Texas hill country.  He and Sarah will also be welcoming their first grandchild in the summer of 2013.

Picture of our founding partner Ricardo Vega

Ricardo Vega is a leading expert on creating dynamic teams and systems that work.   His extensive experience in both business operations and coaching provides the basis for his keen insights on what needs to be done and how to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of entrepreneurs, their systems and their teams.

Ricardo began his career with IBM and after 25 years went on to form two successful businesses – Vega and Associates, a boutique technology company specializing in system conversions and implementations, and Vega Behavioral Consulting,  a research and human development company.   His 15 years of entrepreneurial success to date is due in large part to the effectiveness of his business partnerships with his wife Lynda-Ross and Dr. Gary Jordan.

Ricardo knows what it takes to create operational infrastructure in order to efficiently get the work done while maximizing the talents of each team member and meeting company objectives.  He has enjoyed success as a team lead, project manager, CIO, and business owner.  A lifelong sports coach (from under 5 through adult recreation leagues and high school competitive leagues) he has applied his ability to maximize talent to lead soccer teams to victory through skills development and guidance. 

Ricardo believes that the principles behind Your Talent Advantage™, the brand name of the Vega Behavioral Consulting products and programs, were instrumental in his leading a High School girls’ soccer team to two consecutive Texas Private School State championships.  Ricardo applies those same principles in his work as a business coach, where he focuses on team communications, leadership and use of one’s natural talents.

Fluent in Spanish and English, Ricardo works with entrepreneurs in North and South America to create the businesses of their dreams and partnerships that last. Ricardo is responsible for his wife’s (Lynda-Ross) introduction to the game of soccer and he enjoys playing (indoor leagues with Lynda-Ross, their son and grandson) as well as watching professional and amateur games. In his spare time Ricardo likes traveling, keeping up with technology, and teaching Spanish to the grandkids. 

Picture of our Resident Logistics Guru Alicia Blake

Alicia Blake is an expert at designing and implementing processes and procedures that marry people and methods. Alicia is our resident logistics guru for product content and service delivery. With over 20 years of practical experience as a Call Center Manager, Business Analyst, Testing Lead and Client Services Manager, she’s been part of our team for 14 years.  


During our development cycles, Alicia leads all testing, Quality Assurance and documentation of our programs.  Alicia is also responsible for all of our event planning. You will come in contact with her as you sign up for seminars, order our products and attend our live events.  


Alicia is an avid sports fan and especially enjoys following and watching professional basketball and football. She stays quite active with workouts and jogging with her beautiful brindle boxer, Arabella. Alicia is also a gourmet cook and loves experimenting with tastes and recipes (she’s our resident bread and dessert chef!). 


Originally from the Northeast, Alicia moved to Texas in 2000 to be closer to all of us, but mostly because she actually loves the Texas heat (go figure)! 

Picture of our automation manager Steve Boice

Steve Boice is the go-to guy when you have questions about how – from signing on to take an assessment to interacting in our forums. Steve manages our Helpdesk and designs all of our automated help features and tutorials. With over 35 years of experience in technology (working with Lynda-Ross for 30 of those!), he has the answers when you need them. 


As an experienced systems architect it is up to Steve to help ensure our systems are working together they way they should be. He also participates in all of our Quality Assurance activities. As a hands-on manager, you may come in contact with him if you use our Helpdesk or any of our private member forums.    


Steve is an avid sports fan and film buff (he has a personal library of over 5,000 films so we don’t really need those film rental services). He and his wife Vicki enjoy family gatherings  with their kids and grandkids who all live close by. 

Your Talent Advantage
Owner's Manual Series


Successful Partnerships


Partnerships are a fundamental part of life and can accomplish great things. They can also crash and burn with disappointment, frustration, and loss.


Successful partnerships leverage the  strengths of the partners to achieve shared goals. Sounds simple. But many partnerships fail.  How do you create successful partnerships? The keys lie in understanding value, strengths, and challenges.


Chances are extremely high that you will be in more than one partnership during your life.  Whether you are contemplating a new partnership or in an existing partnership, take action to ensure your success with the Your Talent Advantage Partnership programs. . . . . .  More