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Unlock the Power of Your Perception

Claim Your Natural Strengths, Reframe Your Weaknesses, Reshape Your Most Important Relationships

When life doesn't live up to your expectations, most people assume it's their fault. The truth is, there's nothing wrong with you; you just don't know how to tap into your natural strengths!

Strained relationships, a stalled-out career, or feeling "not good enough" don't mean you need to change who you are. They are signs you aren't recognizing and building on the natural strengths that make you uniquely YOU.

In this insightful and practical guide, Lynda-Ross Vega and Gary Jordan share their proven framework on human perception and behavior that will change your life forever.

You'll learn the science and psychology behind Perceptual Style and meet people who have turned frustration into joy by applying the concepts and steps presented.

With Unlock the Power of Your Perception, you will:

  • Identify your Perceptual Style and discover how it validates your view of the world around you.

  • Follow three easy steps to lean into your natural strengths and gain new confidence and abilities.

  • Learn how human perception works and your perception's amazing impact on your beliefs, thoughts, and actions.

  • Understand why differences in people's perception create interpersonal dynamics like attraction and aversion.

  • Discover how to recognize differences in perception and take the sting out of disconnects with people you care about.

  • Build the life you want and enjoy being YOU.

In a world where we constantly doubt ourselves and worry that we won't get where we want to be, it's hard to ever know if we are on the right track. You can have the flourishing career and the deeply meaningful relationships you long for when you understand the natural strengths already lying-in wait within you.

Stop floundering and wasting precious time trying to figure it out on your own. It's all inside Unlock the Power of Your Perception!


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  • Understanding the power of your perception will validate your reality,

  • highlight your strengths, confirm what you do best, and

  • open the door to see the good in others.


Personal Empowerment Success and happiness at work, at home, and with friends, on your terms, is much easier when you approach life from your strengths.

Relationship Enrichment Understanding differences in perception allows you to see the best in others and easily mitigate and de-personalize disconnects.

Career Enhancement Knowing the value you bring to teamwork opens the door to recognizing and relying on the skills of others to accomplish great things!

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  • Career Planning testimonial from Jim Regan

    "I was given an amazing gift with Perceptual Style, specifically with the Career Planning Guide" 

    "This remarkable tool came to me at a point in my career when I knew I needed a change but was tentative as how to take the leap"

    "What Lynda-Ross and Gary have created is an amazing guided course that teaches you about your innate strengths, identifies areas of your expertise as well as potential you may not be aware of, and shows you how to highlight your strengths and use them to greater advantage."

    "The course allows you to fine tune so much while also broadening how you look at your relationships with others and how your strengths can complement so many of your day to day interactions."

    "It was truly and eye-opening experience, one that I would recommend to anyone, either just beggining a career or well into it. It is something I wish I had found many years ago! Thnak you, Lynda-Ross and Gary."

    Jim Regan
    Phoenix, Arizona
  • Unlock the Power of your Perception testimonial from Allison Rapp


    "Perceptual Style changed everything for me, when I discovered it 10 years ago. " 

    "We’ve got 4 styles in a 4-person family, and when we each began to glimpse how we were different and what that meant for our interactions, we stopped having that kind of massive disruption that comes from putting teenagers who feel misunderstood in the same room with parents who don't understand how those kids ended up in this family. " 

    "And for my clients—OMG, it was the missing link that made it possible to adapt the entire process of attraction and enrollment to make it feel natural and easy for every single practitioner. It literally did change everything."

    Allison Rapp
  • Career Planning testimonial from Frank Harward


    "There's so much in the world today that reminds us of our weaknesses and what we don't do, but, through the use of Perceptual Styles in a work environment I learned so much about my strengths and the strengths of those around me. " 

    "Then I thought, this would help me as a husband and father, so I asked my wife and two oldest sons to take the PSA and wow - I was shocked. " 

    "I knew we had differences in our thinking, but I could not figure out why. After the PSA it all clicked! Suddenly I knew more about how to be a better husband and father! We talk about Perceptual Style at home all the time now. Take the PSA, then grow into the RSP and watch your capabilities and relationships take leaps and bounds!"

    Frank Harward
    Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Career Planning testimonial from Jeff Tabor

    "Since I am always looking for personal insight and ways to be more effective at whatever is at hand, I have taken a number of personal assessment tests over the years like Kolbe, Myers-Briggs, and DiSC. However, as interesting or helpful each one has been, they did not provide me with the focus and clarity that the Perceptual Style Assessment and Recognized Strengths Assessment have done."

    "For me, the strength in the theory behind these assessments is its simple premise that by discovering and focusing on my natural talents, I can be much more effective in all aspects of my life. The material is easy to understand, and therefore, easy to embrace as I take specific steps of action aimed at helping me incorporate what I’ve learned into my life. The ‘icing on the cake’ is that I added the benefit of one-on-one interactions with Dr. Gary Jordan into my program! With his clear guidance, obvious depth of knowledge, and easy conversational style, he has made this a very worthwhile and rewarding journey for me. I would recommend not only the Career Planning Guide program, but also Dr. Gary and Lynda-Ross to anyone interested in a unique approach to being more effective at all they do."

    Jeff Tabor
    Marketing Consultant