• Perceptual Style Training for Coaches

The way you communicate with your clients is the heart of the coaching relationship, which is why Perceptual Styles Training for Coaches is such a critical investment in the future of your practice!

You'll gain the kind of insights and techniques for connecting with and motivating your clients most coaches only stumble upon after years of trial and error. Learn how to make yourself understood in terms that are compelling to your clients. Learn how to present your expertise in a way that enables each and every client to apply your guidance successfully on their own.

Perceptual Styles Training for Coaches is the result of 40 years of practical, real-life experience in individual and group coaching. It’s more than an accurate framework for behavioral assessment—it’s a complete coaching tool that maximizes your strengths as a coach and hones in on your client's unique strengths to create a transformational coaching experience each and every time.

Perceptual Styles Training for Coaches is grounded in the real world of both psychology and coaching. It’s a powerful tool for your practice and your own personal growth. The program was specifically designed to help you:

  • identify and claim your unique coaching style,

  • identify your clients’ unique talents (and hidden potentials),

  • communicate with and motivate your clients on the deepest level,

  • create action plans that set your clients up for breakthrough results, and

  • generate more referrals for you as a coach.


The power of Perceptual Style combined with your expertise will create a one-of-a-kind blueprint for your coaching practice! Just look at what you'll receive in this program:

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  • Twelve 90-minute live, interactive webinars led by Gary and Lynda-Ross including:

    • overview of the key concepts of Perceptual Style Theory with an introduction to each of the six Perceptual Styles,

    • deep dives into each Perceptual Style focusing on strengths, weaknesses, communication approach, response to change, stress responses, and motivation triggers,

    • an in-depth review of how Perceptual Style and individual Preferences for Interaction impact communication and the way people value or devalue their natural skills,

    • interpreting assessment results including a review of the coach's worksheet that accompanies the Recognized Strengths Profile assessment,

    • interaction connections and disconnects between Opposite, Neighbor, One-Off, and Kindred Spirit Perceptual Styles, and

    • lots of practical application tips and techniques

  • Access to a private forum with recordings of all sessions and copies of all presentation materials.

  • Opportunities and Challenges: A Coach's Guide to Working With All Six Perceptual Styles. This guide is written from the point of view of YOUR Perceptual Style (this is the key to connecting with your clients, no matter how they see the world!).

  • Access to a private forum to interact directly with Lynda-Ross and Gary during the program.

  • Membership in the Perceputal Style Coach Mastermind with a private forum and monthly calls.

  • A complimentary set of Perceptual Style and Recognized Strengths Profile assessments for one of your clients including a 30-minute consultation about that client's results.

  • Discounts on the purchase of Perceptual Style and Recognized Strengths Profile assessments for use with future clients.

  • Discounts on all Your Talent Advantage products and services for your own use.

Perceputal Style Training for Coaches is an amazing value at $1895 (Payment plan options available)

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  • With Perceptual Style Training for Coaches you will master the ability to:



Let your natural talents shine through in creating client connections that are built on trust and understanding.


Refine your coaching to capitalize on your clients' natural strengths and ensure their personal success.


Recognize your clients' stress triggers and counter them with motivation techinques that work.


Interpret assessment results to help your clients build their strengths and uncover untapped potential.

Research shows coaches who use assessments backed by psychological theory command higher rates. Why? Because their clients experience transformational results!

The Perceptual Style Training for Coaches program provides you with:

  • 18 hours of training with Lynda-Ross and Gary (private clients pay $165 and hour to work with just one of them).

  • Your personal Opportunities and Challenges: A Coach's Guide to Working With All Six Perceptual Styles(this valuable resource is only available to participants in this program).

  • Recordings of all sessions ($850 value).

  • Access to a porviate forum to interact directly with Lynda-Ross and Gary as well as other class participants (priceless).

  • Complimentary 90 day membership to the Perceptual Style Coaches Mastery Circle with monthly meetings and ongoing education ($135 value).

  • Discounts on Perceputal Style assessments for use wiht your clients in your coaching practice.

  • Discounts on additional products and training programs offered by Lynda-Ross and Gary.

All for your investment of $1895! (Take advantage of this incredible program now as pricing is sure to increase next year!)

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