Great teams deliver consistently and work well together.

You always know a great team when you see one. Their accomplishments are a combination of each team member's individual talents and a shared commitment to the team’s success. Great teams are comprised of diverse people who learn to trust each other, respect each others’ strengths, and support each other to fill in the gaps. They build a camaraderie that includes mutual support and accountability.

There’s no better foundation for building a great team than understanding each team member's strengths and the way they take action in the world. Our Team Dynamics Blueprint helps your team harness the power of Perceptual Style to create greater understanding, communication, and collaboration with each other.

Together you will define the exact skills your team needs to succeed in your mission. You will discover the composite strength of your team – where each team member excels, where they have hidden potential, and where there may be challenges. You’ll learn how to match team members to tasks that maximize their natural strengths, how to mitigate skill gaps, how to maximize team communications, and how to create a team culture that honors each individual and creates team commitment and accountability. The tangible results are improved performance, productivity, and camaraderie.

Ensure your team’s success with the Team Dynamics Blueprint.


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The power of two of our assessments, individual results sessions,

and a team workshop deliver a one-of-a-kind team building experience

packed with tips and techniques to postiion your team for amazing success!


Each team member will complete the Perceptual Style Assessment and the Recognized Strengths Profile and recieve their personalized Celebrate You and Live Your Talents action guides.

Each team member will participate in a private 1-hour session with a certified Percetual Style guide to review thier results and provide input about team's mission, achievements and challenges.

The team will then gather for a 1-day interactive workshop to explore team strengths, gaps, and hidden potential, learn tips and techniques for improved communication, and to create part of the Team Dynamics Blueprint.

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The Team Dynamics Blueprint

Our Team Dynamics Blueprint helps your team harness the power of Perceptual Style to create greater understanding, communication, and collaboration with each other. We combine the power of two of our assessments - the Perceptual Style Assessessment and Recognized Strengths Profile - with individual results sessions and a team workshop to create a one of a kind team building experience.

Together you'll discover:

  • The differences in the way you each see the world and the natural strengths you each bring to the team.

  • The ways you each prefer to interact with others and what this means to your team.

  • The composite strengths of all team members and the roles each will shine in.

  • Any gaps in roles needed by the team that aren't supported by team member strengths and how to close those gaps.

  • Your individual communication strengths and challenges with tips on how to maximize connection and avoid disconnects.

  • Each team member's hidden potential and how to bring it out in team activities.

  • How you each handle conflict and tips on what to do to help resolve it when it happens.

  • How you each approach change and tips on how to support each other.

Imagine the success your team will achieve with effective communication, team members matched to tasks at hand based on their strengths, and team commitment to success.


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  • Christina Vance testimonial on the Team Dynamics Blueprint

    "Lynda-Ross delivered a Perceptual Style presentation to our team and we were all impressed with how clearly and accurately the assessment results reflected each of us." 

    "What I learned was fascinating and extremely helpful in assisting me to develop a deeper understanding of myself. It enabled me to not only advocate for myself more appropriately but also recognize when I’m in over my head and need to adjust my course."

    "As beneficial as it was for me personally, it has equipped me with valuable tools to function as a more effective leader. Knowing the Perceptual Style of my team members enables me to communicate better, collaborate more effectively, and delegate in a manner that places each team member in roles where their strengths can shine. "

    "The Perceptual Style experience has improved our team’s dynamic, efficacy and productivity. It’s also fostered a personal connection and closeness that’s blossomed among our group."

    Christina Vance
  • Frank Harward testimonial on the Team Dynamics Blueprint

    "I met Lynda-Ross over 6 years ago when we worked together deliver a huge project for a Financial Services Firm. The project was complicated and required team building, executive communication, varied technology solutions, and buy-in from a skeptical set of future users. Lynda-Ross introduced me to Perceptual Style and suggested we train the project team on Perceptual Style principles." 

    "After taking the first training class I was hooked. Suddenly I was making better decisions for the team and individuals. When the team completed the Team Dynamics Blueprint program the lights really turned on! Knowing the Perceptual Style of each team member and their Preferences for Interaction helped us look at each other differently - focusing on individual strengths! The impact was amazing. Morale and productivity improved significantly and the once failing project was transformed into a critical success." 

    Frank Harward
    Business Executive and Coach

The Team Dynamics Blueprint is the foundation for your team's success!

Pricing for this amazing program begins at $1595 for a team of five (add $100 for each additional team member to be included). Just look at what's included:

  • The Perceptual Style Assessment and the Recognized Strenths Profile assessment for each team member.

  • Personalized Celebrate You and Recognized Strengths Profile action guides for each team member.

  • One-on-one assessment results review sessions for each team member with a certified Perceptual Style guide.

  • A 1-day interactive workshop for the entire team led by Lynda-Ross and Gary (approximately 7 hours in length and presented in person or as a live webinar).

  • A customized Team Dynamics Blueprint report.

Don't delay, the Team Dynamics Blueprint is your team's key to success!

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