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  • There is no ONE way to Sell Successfully

    - There's YOUR way

    Sales Activity in real estate


  • There is no ONE way to Sell Successfully

    - There's YOUR way

    Sales Activity in the retail industry


  • There is no ONE way to Sell Successfully

    - There's YOUR way

    Sales activity in the automobile industry


  • There is no ONE way to Sell Successfully

    - There's YOUR way

    Door to door sales activity


  • There is no ONE way to Sell Successfully

    - There's YOUR way

    Selling remotely


  • There is no ONE way to Sell Successfully

    - There's YOUR way

    Selling person to person



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Pam’s Perceptual Style™ is ADJUSTMENTS.

She sees the world as an objective reality.

Pam is a keen and thoughtful observer. She believes the world can be known if she is given the time to gather complete information about its intricacies and complexity.

Pam is driven by the acquisition of information and the knowledge that comes with it.

In all aspects of her life, Pam experiences hasty action as thoughtless action that causes irreparable damage, chaos, and disorder. As a result, she makes sure her actions are deliberate and careful.

Pam is a skillful diplomat whose complete and thorough grasp of situations gives her the ability to see issues from all sides.

Pam is also an exemplary mediator. She gains the respect of contending parties by demonstrating impartiality and giving final form to agreements by stating terms that clearly and unambiguously detail the salient points.

When it comes to sales, Pam persuades with the power of information. She experiences sales as a conversation with an exchange of information that leads to an agreement.

Pam fits the pieces of a complex product or service into an easily understandable whole. Her objective is to provide complete solutions to the issues, needs and wants of a customer.

Pam believes it is the personal credibility and integrity of her information rather than appeals to emotion that makes sales happen.

The Secret to Your Success in Sales is Your Perceptual Style

You were born with the potential to excel in sales. Really.

Truly successful salespeople have one thing in common – they tap into their natural strengths and create their own approach to sales that fits who they are.

You actually exercise a few of your sales strengths every day – whenever you persuade someone to adopt an idea or take a specific action.

At it’s core, selling is the art and science of persuasion.

Businesses and organizations can’t exist without persuading people to adopt their products and services, mission, vision, or course of action. That makes sales people - the folks in charge of selling solutions - key contributors to every organization’s financial success.

Many organizations develop or adopt sales processes and methods they require their people to follow. Unfortunately, successful sales aren’t as easy as having people attend a class and read a procedure detailing "how" they should sell, and then sending them out into the world to prosper.

Your Perceptual Style represents the way you see the world and how you react to it

Your Perceptual Style,

the way you make meaning of the world around you and take action,

is the foundation of your persuasion skills and the key to your success in sales.

Everyone has the capacity to sell (persuade) successfully with ease and enjoyment. There’s not just one set of traits or behaviors that guarantee success in sales – there’s YOUR way– building on your natural strengths.

Do you know what your natural Strengths are?

Your Perceptual Style is the foundation of all your natural strengths, sales included! How you see the world and make it meaningful to you has everything to do with how you persuade most effectively.

The decisions you make, the actions you take, and the directions you choose are all influenced by your Perceptual Style because it defines reality for you.

Have you ever purchased a “how to” book on sales that helped others…but didn’t help you? More than likely, the author who wrote the book has a Perceptual Style different than yours, and their proposed solution was based on a person with the author’s own style in mind, which isn’t natural for you.

The more you know about your Perceptual Style, the more you can tap into your natural strengths and potential. That’s because there’s an extensive set of skills and behaviors that naturally align with each Perceptual Style.

Perceptual Style Theory™, created by Gary M. Jordan, PhD, and Lynda-Ross Vega, defines six unique Perceptual Styles.

Each Perceptual Style represents a grouping of fundamental aspects of being human that results in a distinctive experience and characteristic behaviors.

The people above represent each Perceptual Style—Tina is Activity, Pam is Adjustments, Matt is Flow, Anne is Goals, Jack is Methods, and Dan is Vision. Who did you identify with most?

Not Sure? Would you like to get a taste of what your Perceptual Style and a few of your strengths may be?

We’ve created an introductory sample assessment just for YOU!


Awareness of the other five Perceptual Styles and how they differ from you provides incredible insights about your relationships with family and friends.

And understanding how other people differ from you is key to effective persuasion.

All six Perceptual Styles are normal and healthy ways of perceiving the world. None is better than or more accurate in its perception than any other. Each has unique strengths and specific blind spots. All shine in some situations and struggle in others.

Let's look at a few of the strengths of each Perceptual Style in the area of "Selling". You'll quickly see there's no "one-size-fits-all" solution in the fine Art of Persuasion:


  • You persuade energetically and enthusiastically using humor and showmanship.

  • You break down resistance by engaging others with personal testimony rather than conceptual benefits.

  • You use visual displays, samples, and demonstrations to make benefits tangible.


  • You experience persuasion as a conversation in which you patiently explain the superiority of your information.

  • You overcome resistance by providing more information and context.

  • You believe that persuasion is based on rational decisions, not emotions.



  • You approach persuasion as a calm, persistent process accomplished through patient communication.

  • You believe that persuasion occurs because of solid, trusting relationships that have been built with others over time.

  • You find high-pressure tactics abhorrent and will walk away from something you want rather than condone those tactics.


  • You persuade boldly and directly.

  • You believe that the power of your presentation will secure agreement.

  • You overcome objections to your point of view assertively and with the power of your conviction.


  • You take a logical, controlled, and well-managed approach to persuasion.

  • You believe that it is the weight of the facts that persuade.

  • You understand persuasion as a negotiation of give and take between two sides.


  • You use the conviction of your beliefs and your ability to relate at a personal level to convince others.

  • You overcome objections by offering alternatives that come to mind until you achieve agreement.

  • You smoothly influence by assuming rather than asking for agreement.

The Art and Science of Sales

Each Perceptual Style shines naturally in different situations. But no one Perceptual Style is better at sales than the others.

Each Perceptual Style approaches persuasion and sales differently, using different natural strengths. That’s why “one-size-fits-all“ sales training doesn't work.

Understanding how you prefer to persuade provides you with the confidence and ability to persuade with ease and grace. Rather than viewing sales as something difficult and threatening, you can persuade comfortably and effectively when you are using your natural strengths rather than trying to imitate someone else.

Most sales training courses are written from the perspective of one particular Perceptual Style. That means that 5/6 of the world find those trainings lacking or and not for them. Because persuasion and sales feel very uncomfortable and insincere when you are trying to imitate someone else’s style.

Successful sales involves tapping into your natural persuasion skills, knowing where you shine, knowing what will challenge you, and having ready tactics to mitigate those challenges.

How does the information on sales and Pereptual Styles apply to me

What’s the fastest way to develop your sales skills?

Discover your Perceptual Style!

Documenting YOU has never been easier. The Internet-based Celebrate You! assessment takes 30-40 minutes and if you are interrupted, you can save your answers and continue at a later time. All the questions are neutral and noninvasive: you’ll be asked to rate which adjectives you most identify with, creating a highly accurate psychological portrait. And best of all, you’ll receive your results and the Celebrate You! action guide within a few minutes after you submit your assessment.

Imagine the personal confidence and self-esteem that will be yours with information like this at your fingertips:

Celebrate You Guidebook
  • Social Interaction is essential to your life. What's also interesting is that you will thrive in some social situations and surroundings and be miserable in others. Why continue guessing which is which?

  • Communication is vital. We all want to be understood, yet we experience disconnects with others that get in the way. How you see the world and make it meaningful to you has everything to do with how you express yourself and how you listen. Why not tap into your communication strengths right now to ensure the important connections you want?

  • Self-motivation spurs you to action for what you want to do and what you need to do. Why waste time with procrastination when you have the natural skills to tame it?

  • Some conflict in your life is inevitable. Whether the conflicts are minor or severe, you possess natural skills to help you deal effectively with opposition and disagreement. Why suffer through another uncomfortable conflict with someone you care about when you could use your strengths to diffuse and resolve the situation easily?

  • Change is constant; it's part of your daily life. Your adaptability strengths mean the difference between excessive worry and stress versus dealing with changes on your terms. Isn’t time to bring your strengths related to change out in the open?

  • Real leadership success happens from the inside out - using your natural strengths to guide and inspire others to great achievement. You are presented with opportunities to lead every day, in all aspects of your life. Why not harness your natural leadership skills and take the stress out of leading?

  • Persuasion is a critical life skill. Convincing others to agree with your point of view, adopt a particular perspective, or take a course of action you suggest is something you need to do every day – at work, at home, at school, with friends. Why not tap into your natural abilities to persuade with ease and confidence?

You don’t need this critical information about you someday…you need it now!

This is your key to selling YOUR way!

Young person contemplating how to improve their sales skills
  • It’s so easy to start your celebration today!



Take the Internet-based Celebrate You! assessment. It only takes 30-45 minutes


Receive your Celebrate You! PDF action guide packed with information about you and your core strengths.


Gain additional insights and practical application tips with a 30 minute personal coaching session.


Apply the appropriate parts of Celebrate You! to your personal and business life!


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  • Our revolutionary Perceptual Style Assessment™ that reveals how you experience the world around you and how your interpretation of events and ideas directly influences your natural strengths and skills.

  • Your personal results filled with descriptions and details about your specific natural skills and strengths, including quick practical application tips and exercises so you can put your results to work for you right away.  

Why wait another minute wandering through life without the information you need to live the life you deserve?
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Discover the details about your Perceptual Style and personal strengths. Learn on how to apply your strengths in your life with the easy to use practical application tips and exercises.

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Results and Debrief

Accelerate your understanding and practical application by adding a 20-minute one-on-one session with a Certified Perceptual Style coach as your guide for an additional $40 (Total package is $46.95)


Turbo Charge Your Results
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Curious about which of your natural strengths you are using, and which are dormant?  Want to tap into more of your natural strengths quickly and easily?

Our Recognized Strengths Profile assessment will give you a point-in-time view of exactly which of your natural strengths you are using to your advantage, which are waiting for you to recognize them, and a clear plan for using more of your natural strengths in your life.  The RSP builds on the results from your Perceptual Style Assessment for an extremely accurate picture of where you are on the path to embracing your natural strengths.

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Combo Package Self-Study

Harness the power of your Perceptual Style and your personal expression of your strengths in your daily life for only $15.95.

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Combo results and Debrief

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