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Practical Uses of Perceptual Style in Your Life

Have you ever noticed how it’s the simple things that have the greatest impact? That’s true with Perceptual Style.

Learning what Perceptual Style Theory says about you won’t take long at all – it’s straightforward and easy (even though there's lots of science behind it!). And the benefits of understanding your Perceptual Style and applying that knowledge in your life are endless!

Knowing more about how you see the world helps you validate what you intuitively understand about your strengths, opens possibilities you haven’t yet dreamed of, and frees you from trying to be someone you aren’t.

Understanding how you see the world differently from the other people in your life allows you to close communication gaps, avoid unnecessary conflicts, create lasting connections, and so much more. 

The practical uses of Perceptual Style are fun, easy, and full of impact. Just look at some of the most popular uses below:

Personal Empowerment

Picture of a lady happy about being able to implement personal empowerment in her lifeUnderstanding more about yourself is invaluable. The more you know, the easier it is to create happiness and success in your life. 

Start with Celebrate You and the Perceptual Style Assessment. You'll discover your Perceptual Style and gain an understanding of how your perception impacts your natural skills and talents. Celebrate You also contains tips and techniques on how to harness your strengths to bring the very best of you to all that you do. 

Celebrate You is the first volume in our Owner's Manual Series. The series consists of practical reference guides specifically tailored to who you are based on your Perceptual Style.  Celebrate You is the first volume and provides the foundation for all the other volumes, each of which focuses on a specific topic such as communication, leadership, and change, all from the perspective of your Perceptual Style.  

Unlock your full potential with Live Your Talents. The combination of your Perceptual Style awareness and our state of the art Recognized Strengths Profile assessment will allow you to discover which of your many natural skills you are currently using and which are just waiting for your to tap into. Follow an easy 5-step process to fully claim your talents, jettison activities that drag you down, align your actions with your strengths, and accomplish whatever you chose to do.   

What you do to make a living is a very important part of your life – you’ll spend at least 1/3 or more of your hours each year pursuing a livelihood.  Why not make it the most personally rewarding career possible?  The Career Planning Guide will help you make your job the best fit for you!

Lasting Relationships

Picture of a multi-generational family inter-relatingOne of the amazing benefits of Perceptual Style is that it not only helps you understand yourself, it also enables you to understand other people – what strengths they bring to the table,  the differences in how they make meaning of the world around them, what attracts you to them, and what drives you crazy.   

Using Perceptual Style to guide your interactions with the people that matter in your life will get you past superficial differences and enable the authentic connections you truly want.

Making the most of your interactions with family, friends, and coworkers (actually anyone you want or need to interact with) begins with our Communication That Works guidebook. Written from the perspective of your Perceptual Style, it not only provides insights about your communication strengths and challenges, it explores the communication differences between you and people with the other 5 Perceptual Styles.  Packed with tips on how to spot and mitigate communication disconnects quickly and easily, you'll be amazed at how quickly your communication skills improve. It's also a great reference tool for understanding the communication strengths of the other Perceptual Styles. 

Science tells us that connecting with others is a core psychological need we all share. Relationships are all about connection.  Relationships give us the feeling of belonging, of sharing, of supporting others, and being understood.  Great relationships don't happen by accident. They happen by choice. That's why we created the Relationship Connection Blueprint.  Designed for two or more people who want a strong and vibrant personal or work relationship, the blueprint clears the path for greater understanding, communication, and connection while honoring the strengths of each individual. 

Transformational Leadership

Picture of a young manager leading a group meetingEveryone has the potential to be an extraordinary leader. If you aspire to be recognized as a leader, then Perceptual Style is the tool to turn your dream into a reality! 

Start with our guidebook, Be the Leader You Were Born to Be, part of the Owner's Manual Series. You’ll discover the unique leadership potential you possess and learn how to capitalize on your strengths while mitigating your blind spots to become an effective and exceptional leader.  

Developing your full potential as a leader takes practice. Once you understand the basics, grow your leadership skills with one of our Advanced Training Modules (provided in personal coaching or group sessions) on topics such as "Leadership Communication: Effective Messaging and Conflict Resolution," "Change Leadership: From Idea to Implementation," and many more.

Building Effective Teams

Picture of a work team wokring together to achieve a common goalEffective teams are critical to organizational success, and they don’t just happen by accident. There’s science in matching talents to tasks, in motivating each team member to contribute their best, and in creating a cooperative and productive working environment for all team members.  Perceptual Style tools provide the science you need to build exceptional teams.  

It may sound basic, but one thing often overlooked is defining the specific interaction skills and behaviors your team members will need in order to excel at their job and contribute to the success of the team.  That’s where our Manager Success Blueprint comes in to play.  Learn how to identify needed interaction skills for each role on your team, the capacity of individual team members to perform the skills they need to succeed, and techniques for helping each team member maximize their performance.  

Existing teams can take their productivity and effectiveness to new levels with the Team Dynamics Blueprint.  Team members will learn how to best apply each person’s natural skills, fill talent gaps, improve intra-team communication, and reduce unnecessary conflict.

Authentic Coaching

Picture of a small group attending a coaching sessionThere’s nothing more important for a successful coach than creating lasting connection with each client.  The connection is what forms the bond that allows both coach and client to truly hear and be heard. There’s no better tool available than Perceptual Style Theory to help increase impact and meaning in a coach/client connection.  

Understanding Perceptual Style (yours and your client’s) allows you to connect with each and every client in a way that honors and validates who they are.  It will enable you to tune your coaching to build on each client’s natural capacities and strengths and help ensure their success.  Incorporate the Perceptual Style Assessment into your coaching practice with ease. We can show you how

If you want to accelerate your coaching success, then you will want to invest in our Perceptual Style Training for Coaches. This program provides you with in-depth knowledge about each Perceptual Style, a coach’s guide to communication customized to YOUR Perceptual Style, discount pricing on assessments, and access to Your Talent Advantage training materials.  If you really want to take your coaching to the next level, you need this program.

If you are fascinated by psychology and behavioral development and want to blend your expertise with proven techniques that will enable you to help more people, more deeply, then you will want to continue your training with the Perceptual Style Theory Certification for Coaches program. You’ll learn the science behind Perceptual Style Theory, the developmental aspects of the Recognized Strengths Profile, assessment construction and interpretation, development plan creation, and much more! This is the program for you if you aspire to mastery of Perceptual Style Theory and becoming a Master Your Talent Advantage coach.

  • Group Training

  • Picture of a group training sessionLearning and discovery are a lot more fun as a shared experience. Group settings allow for interaction and collaboration that can be invaluable in learning about and applying styles theories.  Whether it is a group of team members or strangers, you'll see and hear Perceptual Style in action!  

  • Creating and leading unique learning experiences using Perceptual Style is something we love to do (and something we are really good at!). We've conducted hundreds of workshops for businesses, non-profits, schools, teams, and events. Did we mention we love doing this? 

  • If you think you might be interested in scheduling or attending a Perceptual Style group training session, we invite you to peruse our Group Training Catalogue.  We are only a phone call away to help you with your planning!