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Owner's Manual Series

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Put your strengths to work for you in all aspects of your life.


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You were born with unique strengths.
It's time to start using them!

But how can you determine what your natural strengths are? We've got the answer!

No more guessing. You can take direct action based on what you do best with the Your Talent Advantage Owner's Manual Series.

Our state of the art assessment is the foundation of the series and will clearly identify how you see the world and help you discover your core natural strengths.

Why is understanding how you see the world important? Because it impacts your values, your beliefs, your feelings, and your psychology. It's the filter between sensation and understanding; it's how you take in information and make it meaningful to you...it's your Perceptual Style. Your Perceptual Style is the foundation of your natural strengths!

The keys to understanding your Perceptual Style, valuing your unique gifts and talents, building your life on the foundation of your natural strengths, and discerning the "why" when someone sees things differently than you do are in the Owner's Manual Series.

The Owner's Manual Series isn't a set of one-size-fits-all textbooks. It's a series of practical reference guides specifically tailored to who you are, the way you see and interpret events and ideas, and the way you take action.

The Owner's Manual Series teaches you how to unleash your deepest potentials for success in all aspects of your life. You wouldn't purchase a major appliance, a new car, or a new smartphone without an owner's manual, so why try to navigate your life without one?

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Celebrate You!


The foundation of the series is Celebrate You. This volume is bundled with our revolutionary Perceptual Style Assessment.

Your perception defines how you experience the world around you and how you make meaning of events and ideas. It directly influences your natural strengths and skills.

Celebrate You is packed with details about your Perceptual Style and descriptions of your natural strengths in 12 key areas of your life. It includes quick practical application tips and exercises so you can put your results to work for you right away.

Isn't it time to focus on what you do really well and build your personal and professional life on your strength? It's truly is the only way to achieve the happiness and success you deserve!

Be The Leader You Were Born To Be


If you want to maximize your effectiveness as a leader, then you need this volume!

Your Perceptual Style (which you discovered in Volume 1: Celebrate You) is the foundation of your Leadership Strengths Profile. How you see the world and make it meaningful to you has everything to do with how you lead most effectively.

Everyone has the capacity to be an effective, even exceptional leader. There's not just one set of traits or behaviors that guarantee success. There is YOUR way to be a leader - building on your natural strengths.

Successful leaders are the people who know how to use their leadership strengths and how to mitigate their leadership blind spots. That's the practical information waiting for you in this volume!

Be The Leader You Were Born To Be will help you to clearly identify your leadership talents and show you how to put them to use for exceptional leadership results.

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Change Made Easy


Change is constant. And it’s all around us. It’s part of being human.

One fascinating fact about change is that it’s neutral—it doesn’t actually have a positive or negative meaning. It’s our perception of change and the meaning we assign it that makes it good or bad, stressful, or easy.

When you understand a few basics about the nature of change and about your own Perceptual Style, you end up with a lot more choice about how you respond to events that impact you.

That’s what Change Made Easy is all about. You’ll learn the difference between self-initiated and imposed change. You'll identify your core strengths and specific techniques that will help you respond to change in a manner that reduces stress and ensures success!

Communication That Works


Effective communication is critical to every part of your life - your relationships with family, success at work, and friendships that last.

You have a built-in communication filter and because of that filter, what you mean isn't always what others hear and vice versa.

At the core of your communication filter is your Perceptual Style (which you discovered in Celebrate You!). How you see the world and make it meaningful to you has everything to do with how you express yourself and how you listen.

This volume focuses on your core communications strengths and provides you with practical tips on how to maximize understanding and minimize disconnects. You will learn the keys to really hearing others, and you'll discover techniques to deliver your thoughts, your opinions, and your messages in order to maximize comprehension.

Unless you live alone on a desert island, you need Communication That Works!

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Sales Your Way


Don't be fooled by well-meaning sales training courses that provide "guaranteed effective" methodologies or scripts, as long as you follow them exactly.

The trouble with these approaches is that they may work well for the people who created them, but that doesn't mean they will work well for you or tap into your natural strengths. Truth is that this type of classic sales training only reflects the strengths of one Perceptual Style!

You have the capacity to be very effective at sales! The key is to do it your way, based on your natural persuasion strengths and the techniques that maximize those strengths. That's what Sales Your Way is all about!

If persuading and selling are part of your work life, you'll want this volume! Sell with comfort and ease, your way!

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  • Boost your self-awareness and confidence.

  • Take action with ease based on your strengths.

  • Experience the happiness and success you deserve!

  • Jim Reagan's Testimony on Your Owner's Manual

    I was given an amazing gift with Perpetual Style, specifically in regard to the Career Planning Guide.

    This amazing tool came to me at a point in my career when I knew I needed a change but was tentative as how to take that leap. What Lynda-Ross and Gary have created is an amazing guided course that that teaches you about your innate strengths, identifies areas of your expertise ang potential you may not be aware of, and shows you how to highlight your strengths and use them to greater advantage. The course allows you to fine tune so much while also broadening how you look at your relationships with others and how your strengths can complement so many of your day to day interactions.

    It was truly an eye-opening experience, one that I would recommend to anyone, either just beginning a career or well into it. It is something I wish I had found many years ago! Thank you, Lynda-Ross and Gary.

    Jim Regan

    Phoenix, Arizona
  • Flo Clark's Testimony on Your Owner's Manual

    I was in a job in a corporate environment singularly unsioted for me. When I got my results, I was relieved to be reminded of my talents and invigorated to find an environment where I could flourish.

    The level of detail and the depth of understanding from obtaining my Perceptual Style results are far better - and more immediatly useful - than other tests I have taken. The difference is quite simply, off the charts.

    Flo Clark

    Attorney. Denver, Colorado
  • Eric Donowho's Testimony on Your Owner's Manual

    "I clearly remember two "wow" moments in my experience with this program that happened the day our assessment results were delivered. All of the managers who had participated were gathered in a large meeting room. Our results were given to each of us and we werre then grouped around the room by our Perceptual Styles. I remember noticing the people in my group were the folks I got along with the best.

    When Gary started talking about our group, his descriptions were hitting far too close to home for me to ignore. When he said "You were the people who sat in classrooms throughout high school and thought you knew more than the teacher!", it was my "wow" moment. I had never shared that thought with another living soul but had believed that through most of school. It was like this guy was reading my mind. Suddenly, I decided I better not discount this program. You had my attention."

    Eric Donowho

    Chief Administrative Officer, Lending Industry


Recognizing and purposefully using your natural strengths to build the life you want isn't just a theoretical concept. It's a proven technique that sounds easy because it is.

Perceptual Style and the Owner's Manual Series will open your eyes to a myriad of skills and strengths you have that you aren’t taking advantage of!!

Don't wait a moment longer--Tap into your strengths TODAY!

Life is too short not to enjoy it fully. Claim your strengths today!

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