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Personal empowerment is all about being in the driver's seat of your own life.  Making decisions and taking action confidently based on your awareness of your own strengths and preferences.   

There is no better tool for building your self-awareness than Perceptual Style Theory.   It's rooted in psychology and behavioral science, yet it is practical and easy to use.   It provides you with unique insights into your strengths and blind spots because it combines the science of Perceptual Style with your life experience.   Think of it in terms of nature and nurture - Perceptual Style is the nature part of who you are; life experience is the nurture part of who you are.

Perceptual Style is the hard wiring that helps you assign meaning to the world around you.  It directly influences the vast array of your natural strengths and potential.  But Perceptual Style alone doesn't provide you with the full picture of what makes you uniquely you. 

Life experience is also important because it directly impacts which of your natural strengths you are regularly using and which are lying dormant. One reflection of your life experience is how you prefer to interact with other people.  Your Preferences for Interaction directly influence which of your natural skills you enjoy most.

And the reality is you haven't gotten this far in your life on just your natural skills. You've also developed acquired skills – skills not aligned with your Perceptual Style but necessary, nonetheless, for your survival, your career, your family, or because you stepped up to fill a gap that no one else could or would.  Acquired skills aren't bad; they just take more work to develop. In fact, you can get really good at acquired skills, but using them will always drain you more than your natural skills will.  And if you are overly focused on acquired skills, some of your natural skills will get pushed into the background.

Understanding your personal mix of natural and acquired skills, flavored with the way you prefer to interact with others, is what our Live Your Talents program is all about.  It combines two of our revolutionary assessments and their companion action guides to provide you with the insights and practical steps you need to fully claim your natural strengths and gain the self-empowerment you deserve!

The Live Your Talents program puts the power of Perceptual Style and your personal expression of your strengths into action in your daily life.  It's the practical application guide you’ve been looking for!

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  • Personal Empowerment is the result of awareness, confidence, and action.

  • Live Your Talents provides you with all three!

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Take the Perceptual Style Assessment (PSA) and receive the Celebrate You! action guide packed with useful information about your Perceptual Style and core strengths.

Take the Recognized Strengths Profile asessment and recieve the Live Your Talents action guide. Discover the roles where you shine, your untapped potential, and your interaction preferences.

Accelerate your results by scheduling a 40 minute one-on-one private session with a certified Perceptual Style guide!

(Just $97)


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Live Your Talents


Put the power of Perceptual Style and your personal strengths into action with the Perceptual Style Assessment and the Recognized Strengths Profile assessment!

With this amazing program you will:

  • Discover your Perceptual Style and the many natural strengths you possess because of it.

  • Learn why all people with your Perceptual Style are not the same (yes, you are unique!).

  • Uncover how you prefer to interact with others and why.

  • Confirm and explore the skills you truly enjoy.

  • Recognize what you do because you think you should

  • Identify the skills that you’ve worked hard to learn that may be draining your energy.

  • Pinpoint the roles that you naturally shine in and the ones that will challenge you.

  • Let go confidently of things that are holding you back.

  • Learn how to tap into your potential.

  • Do more of what you do best!

Live Your Talents is designed for selfstudy and is an incredible value at $45. If you'd like to accelerate your understanding and practical application, consider adding a one-on-one session with a Certified Perceptual Style coach as your guide for an additional $97 (you can make this choice at checkout).


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  • Picture accompanying testimonial by Mark Magee on Live Your Talents



    "Perceptual Style is an excellent tool for self-awareness but perhaps more importantly it’s a great tool for understanding differences between people. The interaction observations, tips and techniques for communicating effectively with the other Perceptual Styles are invaluable" 

    "I believe Perceptual Style can truly can help folks of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities both personally and in business….and, I think the more complex the world becomes around us, the more important understanding this becomes to achieve success and harmony (the latter is something our world is in DESPERATE need of right now!)."

    Mark Magee

    Banking Executive

  • Picture accompanying testimonial by Lynnell Brunswig on Live Your Talents



    "I am amazed with how deeply the results of the Perceptual Style assessment resonate with me. I appreciate the insights I've received, helping me to recognize and value my natural strengths and talents, and giving me inspiration to nurture and develop further the skills that enable me to be more effective in my endeavors." 

    "The realization that we all operate from our own Perceptual Style fascinates me even further. Now when I feel a disconnect in communication, I'm much more aware that different styles perceive differently, and I'm more open to making adjustments and listening more carefully for cues to help me understand a situation. What a terrific tool!"

    Lynnell Brunswig

    Puyallup, WA

  • Picture accompanying testimonial by Sid McCollum on Live Your Talents


    "I appreciated the fact that Celebrate You and Live Your Talents explained the framework of the theory rather than simply giving me particular roles it predicted that I would flourish in. " 

    "The results were instrumental in helping me make a career change into one which fit the roles I am naturally good at. I have taken Myers-Briggs several times, and appreciate its insights; Live Your Talents however, is more specific to roles which contribute to job fit, so it has been."

    Sid McCollum


  • Picture accompanying testimonial by Jeff Tabor on Live Your Talents

    "Since I am always looking for personal insight and ways to be more effective at whatever is at hand, I have taken a number of personal assessment tests over the years like Kolbe, Myers-Briggs, and DiSC. However, as interesting or helpful each one has been, they did not provide me with the focus and clarity that the Perceptual Style Assessment and Recognized Strengths Assessment have done."

    "For me, the strength in the theory behind these assessments is its simple premise that by discovering and focusing on my natural talents, I can be much more effective in all aspects of my life. The material is easy to understand, and therefore, easy to embrace as I take specific steps of action aimed at helping me incorporate what I’ve learned into my life. The ‘icing on the cake’ is that I added the benefit of one-on-one interactions with Dr. Gary Jordan into my program! With his clear guidance, obvious depth of knowledge, and easy conversational style, he has made this a very worthwhile and rewarding journey for me. I would recommend not only the Career Planning Guide program, but also Dr. Gary and Lynda-Ross to anyone interested in a unique approach to being more effective at all they do."

    Jeff Tabor

    Marketing Consultant

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