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Coach’s Handbook

Our Coach’s Handbook, entitled Opportunities and Challenges – The Coach’s Guide to Working with All Six Perceptual Styles is included when you purchase the Perceptual Style Training For Coaches program.

Written from the perspective of your Perceptual Style, the handbook is designed to help you understand the dynamics you face as a coach as you work with clients of varying Perceptual Styles.

Opportunities and Challenges provides you with quick reference information along with practical tips and techniques for motivating, guiding, and communicating with your clients.

It is organized into six sections – one for each Perceptual Style. Within each section you will discover:

  • Highlights of the differences between your Perceptual Style and the client’s.

  • How you will experience each other

  • Communication Tips

  • Motivation Tips

  • Conflict and Change responses

  • Stress triggers

  • Coaching tips – what they need from you

Take a look inside the Coach’s Handbook with this free download that includes sample pages from the Activity Coach’s Guide to Working with All Six Perceptual Styles.

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