Coaching is all about results

Whether you are a life coach, a business coach, a career coach, a health coach, a sports coach – whatever your coaching specialty – your coaching practice will fail if your clients don’t achieve real, lasting results.

Real results don’t happen with mimicry – and that’s the problem with many coaching programs. Just showing someone how to do what you do is only part of the answer.

Real results happen when you guide your clients through your program in a way that honors and builds on their own natural strengths!

When you deliver great results to each and every client, your practice will grow and thrive. Your clients will keep coming back for more and they’ll tell other people how great you are (and no marketing is as effective as testimonials).

It’s not enough to go on gut instinct and intuition when you are working with your clients... there’s too much at stake. You need to quickly establish a solid understanding of each client so you can tune your coaching to ensure maximum results each and every time.


Assess -- Connect -- Impact


Consider how valuable it would be to know insights like this about your clients when you start to work with them:

  • Their perceptual experience and the core strengths that support that experience.

  • The specific attractions, strengths, and challenges they experience when Interacting with people with your Perceptual Style.

  • Their perspective on change and the unique skill set that allows them to initiate, recognize, and adapt to change.

  • The keys to motivation that enthuse and inspire them to take action.

  • The social surroundings, situations and environments they THRIVE in.

  • Their approach to conflict and the core strengths they possess to deal with opposition, arguments and disputes.

Understanding your clients' Perceptual Style (as well as your own) will help you truly connect with each and every client as you guide them through your coaching program to achieve the results only you can provide!

We invite you to experience the power of Perceptual Style Theory for yourself before

you consider the Coaches Training Program. Self discovery is the best way to validate

the accuracy and rich content of the Perceptual Style Assessment.

(Purchase the Perceptual Style Assessment here)


After you have received the results, contact us to schedule a complementary 30

minute discussion with Gary or Lynda-Ross about your results and the use of the

assessments in your coaching practice. We'll send you a very brief questionnaire

about your coaching practice to complete prior to the call.


During your Complimentary Call for Coaches, we’ll discuss how you can bring the power of Perceptual Style to your coaching practice.

It’s really easy to include the Perceptual Style Assessment and Celebrate You guidebook into your coaching practice. You can choose from two options:



Have your clients purchase the specific assessments directly from this website. Your clients would then pay for the assessment directly and once they receive their results, they can share them with you .... or...


Establish an account with us so you can order the assessments for your clients via email, be invoiced for assessments you purchase, and have a copy of your clients results sent to you when they receive theirs.

Choose the option that benefits your practice the most

Over time, as you work with your clients, you’ll gain tremendous insights about each style and hone your communications to make your coaching fit each client perfectly.

If you want to accelerate your knowledge and increase your skills with the application of assessment results in your coaching,
then you will want to invest in our Perceptual Styles Training for Coaches which is offered twice each year.

The quickest way to grow your practice, right now, is to become more effective with the clients you already have.
Why wait?

Contact us today to discuss using the power of Perceptual Style in your coaching practice.