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Say "no" to Expensive All-Inclusive Programs

When using our modular program you are in TOTAL control!!

If you are not satisfied with the results of an expensive program....what happens?

Purchase only the modules that you need......once you see the results..acquire only those modules that YOU are interested in.

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Let our assessments draw a painting of your success.

Our inobtrusive Internet-based assessments were scientifically constructed.... provide you the information that you will need to reach the successes of your dreams.

Experience & Expertise

Professional Coaches always ready to help you.

You are not alone.....if you need consultation from our staff...
...we can provide you the benefit of more than 30 years of experience in coaching.

Your Talent Advantage Owner's Manual 

Young man takes advantage of his natural talents and leads a group discussion

The most successful people in the world are the ones who’ve found a way to take advantage of their natural talents in the course of their daily activities.  You can wander through life, stumbling upon your natural talents as situations arise, or you can take control and purposely tap into your potential.  V5


Imagine the power of having this information at your finger tips!  No more guessing - you'll be in the driver's seat.  Create the business of your dreams or choose the career that fulfills you.   Build and nurture meaningful relationships with your family and friends.  Create lasting connections with co-workers and clients. The practical applications and possibilities are limitless.


Your Talent Advantage Owner's Manual is packed with the information you need to discover your natural talents and do more of what you do best!  . . .  More

Your Talent Advantage Success Road Maps

Picture of a compass signifying the fact that Your Talent Advantage Success Road Maps helps people find the road to success

Life is a journey, not a destination - and that's what makes it fun! There are many roads to choose from and we all face new options every day.  Which road to take?  Will it lead us to the places we want to be happy, successful, fulfilled? 

With the Your Talent Advantage Owner's Manual you know your natural strengths and skills.   The Success Road Maps build on that knowledge and provide you with customized practical application techniques and actions you need to put that knowledge to work for you.


The Success Road Maps are specific to you and your circumstances. They supply you with detailed information on how to tap into all of your strengths and make choices that build on who you are.  Just like a map you take on a road trip to make sure you get where you want to be, the Success Road Maps help you navigate YOUR life's journey and make it the best it can be . . .    More

Management and Coaching Productivity Tools

The Advanced Coaching Productivity Tools understand their clients better in order to help them succeedOne of the biggest challenges in Management and Coaching (as in life) is communicating with people who see the world differently than you do. In business the stakes are high because your team and/or  clients’ success depends on your ability to communicate with them on their terms. 


As a Manager or Coach, you may have an intuitive grasp that you need to change your approach with certain people—but chances are, more often than not, you’re still failing to connect.  It doesn’t have to be this way. Once you understand the way your audience takes in information and what truly motivates them, you can dramatically increase their chances for success simply by adjusting the way you communicate.  Learn how to connect with your team or clients as never before . . .  More

Be the Leader You Always Wanted to Be

The Advanced Tools for Entrepreneurs help business people succeed in their chosen fields

Everyone has the capacity to be an effective leader.  There's not one set of traits or behaviors that guarantee success.  There is YOUR way to be a leader - building on your natural strengths. 


Whether your role at work currently includes leadership or you aspire to be a leader, you are already exercising some of your natural leadership skills in your everyday life.  In social situations when you decide when you and your friends will meet for dinner, in family situations when you take on the role of negotiator to resolve conflicts, at work when you step  up to initiate change  or take responsibility for task completion. 


All too often people with great talents miss the mark because they don't recognize and apply their talents to the way they lead.  Instead they wrap their dreams in someone else's "guaranteed approach" and get frustrated when it doesn't work for them.  Successful Leadership is all about building around your natural strengths as well as your expertise . . .  More