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Coaching is all about results. Whether you are a life coach, a business coach, a career coach, a health coach, a sports coach – whatever your coaching specialty – your coaching practice will fail if your clients don’t achieve real, lasting results.

The viability of your coaching practice depends on delivering amazing results to each and every client. Deliver great results and your practice will grow and thrive because your clients will keep coming back for more and they’ll tell other people how great you are (and no marketing is as effective as testimonials). Deliver ineffective or so-so results and your coaching practice will wither and die.

With so much at stake, it’s not enough to go on gut instinct and intuition when you are working with your clients. You need to quickly establish a solid understanding of each client so you can tune your coaching to ensure maximum results each and every time.

The best way to understand your client, their strengths, their limitations, how they see and take action in the world, is to use a scientifically proven, reliable and accurate assessment. You guessed it – the Perceptual Style Assessment is what you need!

In Understanding Perceptual Style (yours and your client’s) allows you to connect with each and every client in a way that honors and validates who they are. It allows you to tune your coaching to build on each client’s natural capacities and strengths and help ensure their success. That same understanding allows you to avoid disconnects and solutions that aren’t an exact fit. Without the clarity Perceptual Style provides, you are flying blind while you try to deliver the exceptional results your clients deserve.

Imagine the power of having your client’s Perceptual Style Assessment results at your fingertips, containing information such as:

  • When she’s on top of her game she’s energetic, friendly, and excellent at working with others

  • When stressed, she can be compulsive, naive, confused or overwhelming

  • Key Strengths include:

  • Perceives the world as a dynamic and exciting experience that is enriched by a personal network of family, friends, and acquaintances.

  • Fully engages with confidence that the details will sort themselves out.

  • Uses stories and anecdotes to build a sense of shared experience.

  • Brings energy and vitality to activities; often instrumental in getting things started.

  • Keeps the "big picture" in mind.

  • Excels at face-to-face selling of products and services.

  • Limitations:

  • Tends to avoid detail, casual analysis and conceptualizations.

  • Has difficulty with the impersonal and formal.

  • Resists structure.

  • Gets easily bored with repetitive and routine tasks.

  • Withers quickly in isolation.

  • Easily defocused by the next shiny object.

Use Perceptual Style in your coaching to connect with your clients as never before!

  • Know more about your client from a scientifically proven assessment than what you would learn over several months of conversation.

  • Communicate with each of your clients in a manner that ensures they understand you and also feel understood.

  • Impact your clients' progress like never before.

  • Deliver amazing results and an exceptional client experience every time.

"Before discovering the Perceptual Style Theory based assessments created by Lynda-Ross and Gary, it would take weeks or months to truly understand what drove my clients. I had no idea how much time was wasted until I started using their assessments." 

Now in a matter of minutes, I can get accurate, scientifically based insights into what motivates, frustrates, and activates my clients. I can also better understand exactly which marketing strategies to suggest as each personality type has their own strengths. I've become a better mentor, and my clients have gotten better, faster results, which is GREAT for both their businesses and mine.


So how do you get started?  It’s easy!  First step is to take the Perceptual Style Assessment yourself and become familiar with your Perceptual Style and how that shines through in your coaching.  (The Perceptual Style Assessment is included in Volume 1: Celebrate You)

Second step is to have your clients take the Perceptual Style Assessment.    You have two options here:

  • Option 1 - have your clients purchase Volume 1: Celebrate You directly from this website and then have them share their results with you, OR

  • Option 2 - contact our team and have an account established so that you may order the assessments for your clients via email, be invoiced for assessments you purchase, and have a copy of your clients results sent to you when they receive theirs.

Over time, as you work with your clients, you’ll gain tremendous insights about each style and hone your communications to make your coaching fit each client perfectly.

If you want to accelerate your knowledge and increase your skills with the application of assessment results in your coaching, then you will want to invest in our Perceptual Styles Training for Coaches.

The Perceptual Styles Training for Coaches program provides you with in-depth knowledge about each Perceptual Style, a coach’s guide to communication customized to YOUR Perceptual Styles, discount pricing on assessments, and access to Your Talent Advantage training materials.  This six week training occurs once each quarter and includes live webinars, online private forum,  and much more.  If you really want to take your coaching to the next level you need this program... More

If you aspire to mastery of Perceptual Style Theory and becoming a Master Your Talent Advantage coach, then you will want to continue your training with the Perceptual Style Theory Certification for Coaches program.   This six week training is held twice each year and builds on the knowledge gained in the Perceptual Styles Training for Coaches program.  In the certification program you’ll learn the science behind Perceptual Style Theory,  the developmental aspects of the Recognized Strengths Profile, assessment construction and interpretation,  development plan creation and much more!  This is the program for you if you are fascinated by psychology and behavioral development and want to blend your expertise with proven techniques that will enable you to help more people, more deeply... More

The quickest way to grow your practice, right now, is to become more effective with the clients you already have. 

Why wait?